May 15th, 2006

Old Friend

Sleep Marks or Alien Visitations...?

You know when you sleep on something you end up with an imprint on body/arm/face when you wake up?

Yeah? Good. I sometimes get them (along with dead arms usually...) when I discovered I've fallen asleep with an arm or something ending up underneath me (sadly my own arm, but arms an arm...)

Well, this morning when I woke up I discovered a nice sleep imprint across the left hand side of my chest. Not quite sure how I managed it but it was of a slightly elongated hand with SIX fingers!!!

Now I'm beginning to wonder if I had a visitation during the night and something carried out it's weird alien experiments on me...

One of 'those' mornings...

Don't know why but I'm feeling a bit down today. Retrospective, etc, blah blah blah...

Songs that don't have any connection with anyone are suddenly seeming much more poignant (mainly bloody Stereophonics for some reason - but then I am currently playing their CD so they're most obviously I guess?).

There's a few people that I'm really missing this morning. One because they live so far away and I don't get to see them much and the other two because I've not seen, or heard from, them in ages and I think they're currently not talking to me. What's more irritating is I DON'T KNOW WHY!

I think with one of them it's because she's fallen well and truly out with her sister and as I happen to house-share with her sister I've also joined the blacklist for some reason. The other - no idea :(

Maybe I should go out and get a Steps CD or somethign mroe upbeat?

I've also just had my first cigarette since Friday - and I hd been doing so well...

In other news, even more things have been going on at Cubicle 7 HQ. Gabby and John - expect phone calls tonight or at the very latest on Wednesday! (Can't phone tomorrow as I'm gaming in the evening).

Good stuff is definetly in the works and I'll be more than happy to announce it once everything is sorted. I will admit I've been holding off on one of the major announcements until after we've got Cannibal Sector One ready to print for SLA. I want to appease some of the long suffering SLA fan before saying anything else :p
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