May 22nd, 2006


(News) Finland Names City Square In Honour Of Lordi

Things just keep getting better for Lordi - the heavy metal winners of this years Eurovision song contest.

Rovaniemi - their home town and regional capital of Lapland (meaning it's Santa's home town too...) - have decided to name a city square after the band. Lordi Square :p

Finnish Square Named After Lordi (BBC News Online; Monday 22nd May 2006)

Also, a quick question for all of you. I've known a few (a few, but not many) Finns in the past and have this to ask:

"Have you ever met a Finn who is not completely insane?"

I'm really not sure I have...
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Old Friend

Camarilla Post

This won't mean a lot to many of you but there are a few people on my friends list who either played - or still play - Camarilla games around the globe.

I received a phone call off Andy Connell (UK NC) yesterday and from omentide today to let me know that I have been awarded a Global Trustee for services rendered to the society over the last 12 years. Admittedly over the last few my involvement has been pretty scarce (to non-existent) but I am chuffed to have been awarded it. Thank you Camarilla! :D

I actually explained it to someone today as 'a kind of OBE for the World of Darkness'.

So anyway, I'm getting a nice Certificate and can go and join the other Antediluvians now.

(Anyone know if I can put initial after my name now? Or if you have to refer to me in a special way???)
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Angus In the Woods

Are You Going To The World Cup?

If the answer to the title is yes then the next question is...

"Would you like to be in a US documentary about the World Cup and Football/Soccer fandom"?

If the answer is still yes then please contact me with your details and I'll pass them along to the Producer so she can make contact.

The documentary is for American TV so it probably won't be shown over here in the UK so you don't have to worry about making a fool out of yourself. The only people who'll see it are all of your friends in the States instead! ;p