May 23rd, 2006

Old Friend

Tim Bernes-Lee: The Biggest Influence On The World Since Jesus

I personally feel that Sir Tim Berners Lee is the biggest single influence on the world since Jesus (or the myth of Jesus for those that don't believe in him).

No one has been responsible for such a gigantic shift in the way that mankind operates at almost every single level.

What is more surprising that many of don't even know his name.

Do you agree? Disgaree?

Who do you feel that has influenced, and changed, everyone's lives on the planet on such a daily basis covering almost every topic imaginable?

Can you name anyone in the last two thousand years?

EDIT: Please give examples of the changes to daily life that your suggestions have made.

EDIT 2: Named changed. Whoops :p
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Old Friend


Many of you will find this strange but every so often I get a real parental urge.

For no apparent reason I'm having one right now. Quite a large part of me would like to settle down and have kids at somepoint (future girlfriends beware! :p) and my paternal instincts seem to be becoming more frequent than they used to be.

Oh well, guess I should have an early night and I'll probably wake up in the morning feeling very glad to be kid-free! :p
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