May 26th, 2006

Filler Bunny

(Meme) X-Men

Departing my role as Leader for a moment I'll become a Follower and join the pack who are doing the X-Men Meme. Of course I am, like weaselbitch, only doing this in preparation of seeing the film tomorrow morning.

Honest! :p

I've loved all the X-Men films so far and, despite certain critics, I've only heard good things about this latest installment from people who have actually seen it.

Also (as I've now been told countless times...) it is apparently worth staying through the credits all the way to the end. Not sure why but I guess I'll find out tomorrow :)

You scored as Jean Grey.

Jean Grey is likely the most powerful X-Man. She loves Cyclops very much but she has a soft spot for Wolverine. She's psychic so she can sense how others are feeling and tries to help them. She also has to control her amazing powers or the malevolent Phoenix entity could take control of her and wreak havok. Powers: Telekinetic, Telepathic

Jean Grey




Emma Frost

















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Angus May 2005

Quick Update

I really will try and write up a proper update 'real soon now'. I've just been very busy with one thing or another recently and haven't managed to just sit down and write LJ stuff. Plus a number of things that I would like to write about I can't because they are still ongoing negotiations.

Therapy? were bloody excellent last night though. Really enjoyed the gig - possibly a little too much as I was bloody stiff and sore this mroning although I seem to avoided any real bruising :p Seeing Therapy? in a small venue was fantastic. I really hope a load of other great bands end up becoming less popular and playing small venues so I get 'up close and personal' with them. Hehe...

Anyway, today I caught up with James Wallis which was really good. Had lunch and a really good chat about things we're both up to. Plus nattered about an idea I'd benen kicking around which he seemed to like (well, he was taking quite a few notes - hmm... maybe I should have gotten him to sign something before talking about??? JAMES!!! :p).

Tomorrow morning, as previously mentioned in my last post, I'm off to see X-Men 3. weaselbitch and myself are at the 10.10AM showing at VUE Finchley Lido if anyone else is awake and fancies it. After that it's wargaming with Dominic for the rest of the afternoon. I have a feeling I may very well be in a HeroClix mood after the mornings activities...:p

Oh - I've also rewound myself 15-20 years and have discovered a love for My Bloody Valentine, Jesus & Mary Chain and Echo & The Bunnymen. Been playing three of the CDs pretty much on repeat all day!
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