May 28th, 2006

Walking in the rain...

(Meme) Goth

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Toilet - Damn

m y e m a i l i s s o s l o w . .. ... ..


My email has been playing up all night and being really slow. Whenever I send a message it slows my whole PC down and leaves a shadow of the 'compose' button on the menu bar at the bottom of my screen. Never used to have this problem with Outlook Express, nor with Thunderbird when I first installed it. But it has been a problem - to varying extents - since we reloaded Firefox after the program wiped out all of my mails last year.

Oh well, I've had luck in other areas and have to pay for my sins somewhere I guess...

In other news, had a good gay yesterday with Dom, Isi and Civi coming over for games in the afternoon and evening. Introduced Dom to Memoir '44 and then played SPANC and Illuminati once the rest of the team arrived. Watched Dr Who and being a North Londoner guessed pretty early on where they'd end up going :p

Today has been a day of work but I have tomorrow off. The plan is to get a load more work done at home in the AM (and hope my email is faster in the morning - I may just revert back to Outlook you know...) and then in the PM Seth and Chris are coming over for games. Toos and Nicole might also pop on by but I'll be getting confirmations off them tomorrow I guess.

So all in all not a bad weekend. A decent about accomplished with a good mix of seeing different friends and plenty of gaming.
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Gummi Bear Sex

Sex...Pt 1

Even the Gummi Bears are getting more than I am these days!!!

What's up with that???

You don't want to know the last time I had any!!

I'm not sure I remember what to do anymore!!!

(OK, so I wanted to make a sex post so I could use one of my new icons... sue me.:p)
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Phone Sex

Sex...Pt 2

...and not only the F88king Gummi Bears!!!

Now the phones are at it too...

Curses to them all!!!
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Lost Teddy - Sleep With Me

Sex...Pt 3

So - you want me to beg do you???

(see icon :p)
(Ok, this is my last silly post this evening. Off to cuddle down in my duvet all by myself with a good book and the stereo playing in the background...Night folks!)
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