May 30th, 2006

Good Friend/Best Friend

Playing with other boys can give you a headache...

Have headache.

My own fault. I've played *way* too many games today with the boys (thanks corone Seth and Chris!) whilst drinking way too much diet coke and eating fast food (Pizza for breakfast/lunch and chinese for dinner - must eat better tomorrow...).

We had a couple of games of days of Wonders new "Cleopatra & The Society of Ancients" and then 3 and a bit games of Fantasy Flights 'DOOM: The Board Game'.

Enjoyed both, although we possibly overdid it on DOOM in the end.

Bed now.

Parental Advisory Warning

What's That Coming Over The Hill?

One of the bands I saw last week was The Automatic who spawn from Wales.

I saw them earlier this year and didn't really like them. With that in mind I wasn't going to pay much attention to them last week - they were one band out of four playing - but I found myself eating my previous words about them.

They played a blinding set and one song in particular really kicked ass - and they're releasing it as a single next week. I actually think it'll do quite well :p

You can have a listen to it on their Myspace account. So go forth my minions and go and listen to MONSTER :p
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Gummi Bear Sex

I wish LiveJournal had...

...the ability to host an online jukebox type affair. Similiar to Myspace's little "theme tune" player for your profile where you can choose a song to play whenever anyone checks out your page.

It's one of the few things that I actually think Myspace is better than LJ at.

I love surfing round all the bands and artists on Myspace and change my "theme tune" at least once a week if not more regularly.

I'd be really hard pressed if someone forced me to choose between books, music or gaming as the only activity I could ever be involved with...
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