June 1st, 2006

Gummi Bear Sex

Classical Superhero Art...

Thanks to cryx (via dennyd) who posted about a competition on Worth1000.com  (which incidently is the site where I got the Kiwi Mouse and Peeled Frog pictures from...) in which people have been invoted to photshop classical pictures of art with superhero characters.

Some of the entries can be found here and two of my favourites so far are these:

Oh, and what the heck, here's two more...:p

(and OMG! doesn't Wolvie look sexy!!!!! :p)
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Good Friend/Best Friend

Stormy Sex...

Oh, and did anyone else read in the news/on the net today Halle Berry's comments about taking her Storm costume (from X-Men) home with her and having lots of sex with her boyfriend in it!

Ultimate Geeks Wet Dream! :p

England - Three Lions

Sham 69 Tipped To Top Pop Charts...

So it seems that punk band Sham 69 might be returning to the Top 10 of the British Pop Charts after a lengthy gap of almost 30 years. They are one, of several, bands being tipped to claim one of the top positions in the battle to see who'll become this years biggest selling England World Cup song.

Punks Slate Rivals World Cup Songs (BBC News Online; Thursday 1st June 2006)

I saw a reworking of Infernals 'From Paris To Berlin' earlier this evening that had lots of 'England/Rooney/World Cup' lyrics in both the song and the video (which is pretty much the same video as the original just with added England flags/shirts and plaster casts...). This is also odd as Infernal are a Danish dance act.

I must say that there seem to be WAY more England songs around this year than I recall ever hearing before. I know hopes are high for 2006 but this is a bit silly.

Anyway, 7 days, 18 hours and 58 minutes to go...
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Sham 69 (Part II - The Video)

It seems that the Sham 69 'Hurry Up England' video is available in a few places.

So if you're interested to see what the old punks are up to you can clicky on this Virgin radio link for a choice Real Player or Windows Media and Modem or Broadband speeds.

There's quite a few minor celebs in the vid too (Cheggers, Blessed, Coxon, etc).

I'm not sure if I'm laughing or crying...

(News) Unknown Creatures Discovered in Cave

I love these types of stories. We keep hearing about all the lifeforms beocming endangered or extinct, and of mankinds own attempts to exterminate his neighbours from the face of the world through warfare, murder and general violence. So it's nice when something new is discovered.

Also discovering lifeforms in new ecologies is great because it just goes to show that life can survive and evolve in places that man might not think it would.

Unknown Creatures Found in Cave (BBC News Online; Thursday 1st June 2006)