June 11th, 2006

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WTF? Suicides at Illegal Prison were 'Acts of War'

I just had another WTF? moment.

Three inmates at the US Guantanamo Bay Military Base commited suicide and the US Military has called it "an act of asymmetrical warfare" (Rear Adm Harris)

So, killing yourself after being held in a globally condemned prison without any legality or way of appealing your incarceration for several years is not an act of desperation but an act of war?

It's comments like this that reflect very badly outside the US Rpublican Offices and Homes that gives America the damning reputation it has in many areas of the world.

Guantanamo Suicides "Acts of War" (BBC News Online; Sunday 11th June 2006)
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[Rant Censored]

Gah! I've decided not to post my latest rant and also editted my earlier 'sucide is an act of war' post.

Some things just really make me mad.

One of them is the misconception that everyone held at Guantanamo Bay is a terrorist. Sure, some probably are, but most were just holding guns pointing the wrong way when their country was invaded!

Also comments saying they are treated  "Better than most citizens in our U.S. prisons. These people think nothing of life. A suicide means nothing to them. If we close the place they win." are indicative to the short-sightedness prevalent in so many areas.

I agree with "You cannot claim to be fighting to uphold principles of freedom and justice around the world while at the same time ignoring international laws and basic human rights. Since these prisons are not adequately controlled from international agents, there is no way to know who committed suicide, who was tortured to death and who was downright executed. After pictures from Abu Ghraib, I don't quite think much of the US calling others "bad". It hardly gets more "bad" than that in my eyes."

But then again I guess my views on the whole situation are fairly well known to anyone I've spoken to or who has read my LJ over the years.

I'm very unlikely to suddenly change my mind about the legality of the Iraq War, the treatment of prisoners of war (don't even get me started on 'enemy combatants') by US Forces and the long term 'good' it will do. The whole situation is not only incredibly divisive within most western 'cultures' but will further alienate many cultures and push more and mroe people into the arms of extremists (on both sides of the fence).

(Quoted comments were taken from the BBC 'Have Your Say' Forums - which I really shouldn't read as there's alwasya few which are generally guaranteed to  wind me up)
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American Concentration Camps

Thanks to ian_wyrdness for his comment. I will repost it as I think it is very valid and want mroe people to see it:

From the American Heritage dictionary:

Concentration Camp n A camp where civilians, enemy aliens, political prisoners, and sometimes prisoners of war are detained and confined, typically under harsh conditions.

It's about time that the media started referring to Guantanamo as a concentration camp.
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Sunday Work Music (Part x of an ongoing series...)

This morning's re-discovery of sound comes courtesy of the mighty NITZER EBB.

Played LOUD it does the job very nicely thank you very much.

I'm playing their new 'Body of Work' Double CD collection that came out recently (tip - but it on Amazon, it's a whole £14.00 cheaper than PLAY.COM!!)

The first disc is full of the classics whilst the second disc is remixing heaven - or promises to be, I'm still on the first disc atm :p

I forgot how many of the tracks I really enjoyed and used to dance like a maniac too :)
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Nouvelle Vague are playing on 10th through 12th July (Monday thru Wednesday) at The Pigalle Club in London Piccadilly.

Ticket prices are £20 for a standing ticket or £55 if you want to eat too.

Anyone up for it?

I think it's a 'Dressing Up' event by the looks of the place :p

They are also playing the Jazz Cafe Picnic (which I've got to get round to getting tickets for) and Reading Festival (although they are headlining one of the smaller stages on the Saturday night so clash with MUSE whom I definetely want to see as I've never seen them before and they're supposed to be ace live!).

So... Pigalle Club anyone? Jazz Cafe Picnic anyone??

Questions, questions waiting for answers...