June 18th, 2006

Gummi Bear Sex

Prog Rockers...

OK, aside the fact that I'm currently at work listening to a 'YES' Collection, I am shocked/impressed/dismayed that I actually recognise most of the 70's tracks that are included on it.

Now I can understand the 80's tracks as I was (showing the world he has no shame) a fan of YES in the 80's. Their 'Big Generator' and '90125' albums were two of my favourite at the time and 'Shoot High, Aim Low' (from the Big Generator album) is still one of my favourite tracks. Partially I think because I'd just read the amazingly 'Roadmarks' by Roger Zelazny and the song struck a chord with me.

Haven't really got much of an update for you guys and gals (sorry). My life has pretty much revolved around working (shop), working (Cubicle 7) and the World Cup recently. Mike is back from his holidays tomorrow so at least I can take a day off (or two!) in the coming week. I actually need to have an additional half-day this week anyway for the Massive Attack/DJ Shadow gig in Hyde Park on Friday.

Nevermind, I guess lots of work and watching football on TV is at least money saving...

(EDIT: I changed 90's to 80's as upon rereading it just now I realised I was a decade out and am not as young as I thought/hoped!)
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Football - Underhill

France, oh, France...

Well, it took me the best part of 30 minutes to stop staring blankly at the television screen, gather myself, and make it up stairs.

I'm only half-French so can only feel sympathy for the poor football fans in France atm.

What on earth happened? France controlled the match for the best part of 80 minutes - admittedly only 1-nil up which is a score no team should be happy with. They also had a clear goal ruled out which wouldn't have been so important if the South Koreans hadn't gone and scored a complete fluke goal on the 81st minute!

WTF happened???

Now France have to win their final game and hope for a clear win in by one of the otehr teams in their final match. Zidane can't play because of picking up two yellows so if France go out in the first round (repeat of the 2002 World Cup) we've seen the last of Zidane as a French International. What a way to go, with a whimper.

Come on France get your act together.

Christ, and we complain about England - at least they won both their matches!!!
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