June 22nd, 2006

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In-Store Designer Preview: DREAMBLADE - Saturday 24th June from 1PM

VENUE: Leisure Games 100 Ballards Lane, Finchley, London
DATE: Saturday 24th June
Time: 1PM +

This Saturday Leisure Games is pleased to welcome Dreamblade co-designer Ryan Miller to the store. Ryan will be demonstrating Wizard of the Coast's new Dreamblade Collectible Miniature Game as well as answering questions on the development process, gameplay and plans for the line.

Please come along and join in the fun and claim a promotional Dreamblade miniature!

About The Dreamscape:

In the near future, specially trained psychics called dream lords venture deep into the dreamscape. Here they explore a shifting landscape of ancient archetypes, modern terrors, and mismatched elements of the waking world. This is the shared unconsciousness of humanity, the boundless well of hopes and fears that makes us human. The reality they create in this timeless realm reverberates through the minds of dreamers everywhere. Some dream lords seek to protect it, others to dominate it, and others to destroy it.

Angus Abranson
Leisure Games.com Ltd
"Where Games are for life, not just for Christmas..."
Tel: +44 (0)20 8346 2327
Football - Underhill

Cup thoughts...

OK, so I was wrong about it being the Czech Republics year this year. My original tip for the top is out of the World Cup. They played some good football but early injuries and some unfortunate bookings scuppered them. They played excellently against the US in their opening match and then saw things go downhill from there. Well done to Italy and Ghana for qulaifying in their group. I'd love to see Ghana do well but they're probably up against Brazil in the second round. Reversely I'd love to see Italy go out but they're probably playing either Australia or Croatia.

My new tip for the Cup (which admittedly came about after their very first game) is Argentina. I really do think they have a chance this year.

I'm also not looking forward to the England - Ecuador match. I'd have preferred to have played Germany.
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(Film News) Fantastic Four & The Silver Surfer

So, if The Silver Surfer is in the Fantastic Four sequel (due for release in 2007 and starting to film this August) do you think that Galactus might also be making an appearence.

Reading Jessica Alba's (Invisible Woman) words it sounds like he could be as she has described The Surfer as a hero/villain:

"We start Fantastic Four 2 in August. The four of us learn that there are other people out there with superpowers, and the Silver Surfer appears as a villain/hero. And another villain comes in as well," Alba's Fantastic News (IGN.com; 1st June 2006)

Ain't It Cool also has this poster picture up (but it doesn't give much away...)
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Testing New Video Option...

EDIT: ok, the video function doesn't seem to be working as yet, although they've added it to my Entry Toolbar (at the expense of the nice east 'Add Image' button... grrr...)

This may or may not work but is sure to irritate the hell out of people.

Did you know that LiveJournal now has an 'Add video' option for You Tube??

I'm testing with a short 15 second Pirates of the Caribbean 2 trailer...

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