June 25th, 2006

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Front Line Assembly London Date

Yay! Just discovered that Front Line Assembly are playing a date at The Scala in London on Monday 28th August! That's the day after Reading Festival finishes so I'll be back in town and ready to rock n roll again! :p

Although saying that I may come back from Reading before Pearl Jam depending on forthcoming other tour announcements for London on Sunday 27th August. If it's a toss up between seeing Peal Jam at Reading or 'band x'  in London then I might have to bite the bullet and come and see 'band x' in London.

Although I'm not 100% sure who 'band x' is as yet but I have my guesses (and hopes) ;)



Can you tell I'm happy? :p
Old Friend

Today I have...

1. Worked in the shop for a few hours, updating and readying orders for Monday.

2. Had a 'working lunch' where I took out Cubicle 7 and GameForce's new Web Mistress and her other half to discuss site design, technical requirements, and future plans.

3. Learnt to play 'Dreamblade' - Wizards of the Coasts new collectible miniatures game - as Ryan Miller (the co-designer) was in London and came to the shop to run previews all afternoon.

4. Watched a fantastic match of football between Argentina and Mexico. Mexico being my 'outside' tip this year and really do very well whilst Argentina is now my tip for the trophy and after todays showing still very much is my favourite to win the cup.

5. Played more Memoir '44 and played my second game of Magic: The Gathering within a week after having managed to kick the habit for the best part of 12 years.

All in all a fairly busy day. :)
Angus May 2005

Armed Policemen

When looking at a lot of heavily armed policemen in a tube station one should stop looking at them and pay attention to where one is walking.

I ended up walking staright onto an escalator going the wrong way which promptly threw me straight back off and in front of said armed policemen again.

Mind you one should maybe not drink so much nor spend so much time in the open air when it is sunny without any shade.

PS - I have a nasty blister on my foot due to the last few days of festivaling :(

PPS - God weren't England shit today. Luckily the festival showed the match on a big screen so we got a chance to watch it. What a waste of time. I'm just glad we managed to net one in the 90 minutes so we didn't have to endure a further 30 minutes of the turgid affair. Thank god Portugal crippled themselves beating Holland this evening. Between injuries and suspensions they sound like they're in trouble to field a fully strengthen side against us next week. My sister texted me to tell me there were 20 yellow cards in that game. 20!!! Wow. I wish I'd seen that match instead of the turgid English one!!!

PPPS - Goldfrapp were FANTASTIC!!!! Oh yeah, Depeche Mode were rather good too :p
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Wireless Festival Ticket: £35

Ice Cream: £2

Beer for the day: £not sure but a fair bit

The look on Matt's face when his 'manly snog' with another guy from the pub last night gets shown on the big screens either side of the stage before Goldfrapp come on: priceless

That was excellent :p