June 26th, 2006

Barnet FC

1/4 Final: England vs Barnet Reserves

I just found this on the BBC's "Your Views" users comments page about the Holland - Portugal game (this was posted before kick-off...)

1920: JackHughesbyZola
After England's performances so far, I'd rather they faced Barnet Reserves than either Holland or Portugal.

Oi! Barnet Reserves aren't that bad mate!

(Right, now I'm "really" going to bed - night!)
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The Worlds Largest Charity Donation...

One news story jumped right out at me this morning.

William Buffett is donating $37 BILLION Dollars to the 'Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation"!!!

That's the equvilant of 88% of Buffetts entire wealth (he's got an estimated $42 billion personal fortune). OK, so it still leaves him $5 billion which is more than you need to live on, but you don't see many other billionaires or millionaires doing that.

Well done to the guy.

Buffett Donates $37bn To Charity (BBC Online News; Monday 26th June 2006)
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(Meme) Amber

It was an Amber meme (one of my favourite all time novel series) so I just *had* to do it. The result surprised me though:

Amber's most memorable king, Oberon was an enigmatic powerhouse. No one, except perhaps Dworkin, knew what he was actually capable of. He could even shapeshift. He was cunning and ruthless. A extremely effective monarch, but a distant and cold father to the hoard of children he sired. In The Courts of Chaos by Roger Zelazny, Oberon sacrifices his life for the sake of his kingdom.

Which Amberite are you?
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