July 2nd, 2006

Old Friend

For Sale: DVDs

Another little spring clean...

SOLD Labyrinth (Widescreen) SOLD
SOLD Dark Crystal (Widescreen) SOLD
The Ladykillers (starring Tom Hanks) £3
Brothers Grimm £3
SOLD Aliens Legacy 20th Anniversary Box Set (contains all four Alien films) SOLD

Postage free on multiple purchases. Otherwise £1.00/DVD or £4 for the Aliens Box Set.
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Drawn Together


As mrsdominic has now posted it on her LJ I feel I can shout out loud and let the world know too :p

Over lunch yesterday it was announced that my best mate Dom and his lovely wife Elaine are expecting a new addition to the household. The little 'un is due in January and I feel so happy for them both.

There was also a very comical moment when they first announced it but I couldn't hear properly because I was at the end of the table with background noise and then wondered why people were talking about babies.


I was very bouncey at the news.

One day I will have to arrange to get my own :p