July 3rd, 2006

Manga Me

MESH/ Depeche Mode/MESH???

Jeez, could MESH sound anymore like Depeche Mode?

I've never listened to MESH before this morning when their "We Collide" CD landed on my doormat. I'm not sure what their earlier material is like (although I'll probably dive in and have a listen at somepoint) but they certainly seem very influenced by DM.

I'm also surprised at discovering yet another EBM band which is very light and poppy. I think I just imagine more EBM bands should be harder or more techno-y. Probably because of my background growing up with the Industrial movement of the late 80's and early 90's...
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Manga Me

The 69 Eyes/Sisters of Mercy/Type O Negative???


Yep, now listening to the second CD to land on the doorstep this mroning.

The 69 Eyes "Devils" album from a couple of years ago. Now I remember hearing one of their tracks early last year as Sarah had one on a compilation CD she got from Holland.

Best comparison is that they sound remarkably like some Type O Negative and "Vision Thing" era Sisters of Mercy. Heavier goth rock with more of the emphasis on the rock part. Keyvan actually thought it was the Sisters - but then he's not listened to SoM for several years so I can excuse him for that. The 69 Eyes do sound very similiar though. In a good way as oppossed to many bands which try to imitate and end up sounding bloody awful...

(The best Sisters of Mercy clone imho was The Merry Thoughts - whom I didn't 100% convince myself weren't actually a new Eldritch outfit until I saw them live :p)
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    The 69 Eyes
To Do....

(Game) New York Defender

Found this game on one of the online Game sites we flick through on our lunch breaks here at work.

Apparently it was done "For those of you who wish we had a chance to defend ourselves on 9/11."  But regardless of the reason it's actually quite sick.

Anyway, here's New York Defender so you can make up your own minds...
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Football - Underhill

Greece Suspended From World Football...

European Football Champions Greece have been suspended indefinetly from all competitions and friendlys along with all Greek Club representation in European Tournaments such as the European and UEFA Cups.

FIFA have suspended them "due to government interference" breaching rules on federation decision-making processes and the independent, non-political, nature of national governing bodies.

The current Conservative government has been tryign to get a firmer hold on the sport with new regulations which have caused problems between the Hellenic Football Federation and the Greek Sports Minister and ultimately landed the country in footballing exile.

Greece Given Suspension By FIFA (BBC News Online; Monday 3rd July 2006)

Right, on that note I'm going to have a very early night (I've been hald asleep all evening in any case). Catch you tomorrow!
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