July 4th, 2006

Old Friend

Friday Night Clubbing: INFERNO

I'll be at 'Inferno' at The Electric Ballroom this Friday night.

Andreas is over from Sweden for the weekend and he wanted to head over to one of his old haunts from his London days and as it's an Inferno night it certainly sounded like a good plan!

Hope to see some of you lovely boys and girls out and about if possible - especially if you remember Andreas as the last few weeks it's really dawned on me how few people I'm still in contact with from that era!
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Old Friend

Germany vs Italy

Wow. What an entertaining match. It was nice to see *for once* both teams play actual attacking football and for the Italians not to overact and cheat their way to victory.

Two goals in the dying seconds of Extra Time too! Glad it didn't go to penalties but I am (and I never thought I'd ever say this) sad that Germany didn't make it through to the Final (given the choice of them of Italy). It seems that all the teams I'm hoping to win are doing exactly the opposite at present (apartf rom in the France Brazil match). Am hoping for France to beat Portugal tomorrow although with my earlier logic maybe I should hope for a Portugal win if I'm to see France in the final on Sunday? :p