July 5th, 2006


Day Off : Cancelled

...am in work. Have been since 9.30 and will be through to closing (if not longer).

Thus no day off for me today, and I seem to be coming down with my housemates cold. Slight sore throat and sneezes commencing :(

Thus I doubt I'll be at a nice south bank pub this evening. Sorry John. Will phone you in a bit in anycase :(

It's still hot here as we've not had the storm that many of my friends have had over night/early morning. Hopefully it'll come here soon as I'm too hot and sticky right noe.

I really wish England had better air conditioning in buildings...
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England - Three Lions

BBC: Breaking News...

Just received the following email:

It's alleged that one of the Portuguese football players failed a drugs
and alcohol test after the match. If this is confirmed as positive,under
World Football Federation rules, paragraph 6 sub section 2e, Portugal
will forfeit the quarter final match and England will play France in the
Semi Final on Wednesday...

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England - Three Lions

It's not just the English...

Well it seems that it's not just the English who are unhappy with Cristiano Ronaldo.

I'm listening/watching the France/Portugal match and I can tell whenever Ronaldo gets the ball without even looking at the screen. I can tell because whenever he touches it he's greeted by a chorus of boo's from the crowd.

In other news I have a portable telly back in my bedroom (yay!) and have attached my mutli-regional DVD player to it so I can now watch a load of the DVDs sitting around unloved from the comfort of my bed as I snooze :p

I wasn't planning on getting a portable but had to buy one for the shop during the World Cup and as I was the one who ended up paying for it I decided it was better than nothing for the old bedroom :p
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Football - Underhill

France vs Italy

Well, I'm happy at least. Happy that France beat Portugal and are now in Sundays World Cup Final against Italy.

That will be a tough match but I'm hoping, obviously, for a France win.

Sometimes it's useful being a half-breed with a mother and father from different countries. This way I get two chances of my team winning the World Cup! :p

In weather news - as many other Londoners probably know by now - despite the earlier cooling storms we're now back up to a baking, humid heat that looks set to be here the rest of the night. Wet flannels and plenty of water for me then... with an extra dose of restless sleeping and weird dreams...