July 10th, 2006

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GameForce : London - This Sunday & Smoking Policy

The launch of GameForce : London is taking place this coming Sunday at The College Arms in Store Street (just off Tottenham Court Road).

So if you're free and fancy a days of games playing and chilling please come on over and join us!

In addition to the WizKids demo's we've already announced it looks highly likely that we'll also be having Mike Nudd - the deisgner of The Prince of the City Board Game - in attendence running a few demonstrations of that and also a sneak preview of WizKids forthcoming game 'HorrorClix' with some goodies for everyone who plays to take away with them (these are TBC).

I've also been asked about smoking as the club is in a pub setting. The pub does have a non-smoking section but this is very small. As such I have arranged for the entire basement area to be non-smoking for the GameForce event. The ground floor/bar area is still a smoking area however. Personally I don't think smoking will be too much of an issue upstairs as fewer people seem to be partaking these days and in any case you won't be able to smoke anywhere in the pub from next summer so it's good training for everyone!

Hope to see some of you on Sunday!

Old Friend

This Wednesday...

I am *SO* looking forward to this Wednesday.

It is the first day I've had off in WEEKS (certainly well over a month now) that I've not got anything else planned. No meetings, nothing social - nothing in my diary whatsoever!!!! Yay!!!

What this means is that from my waking moment to my final sleep that night I will be able to do (or start doing) the hundred plus things on my *To Do* that have been unpatiently waiting for me to get a proper day off. It's going to be a very busy day for me.

This coming weekend I have a birthday bash on Saturday and the launch of the new Gameforce club in London on Sunday. I am aiming to spend most of the Saturday prior to heading out getting a load of work done too.

I sincerely wish that there were more hours in the day and days in the week. With the additional increase of speed that time flies by these days (what? we're already seven months into 2006????) I think people should really start thinking about expanding the week so we can fit everything in it.

Either that or I need to start hiring another couple of assistants asap!

On a plus point I've fallen into a much better zone of socialising and have even found myself flirting again (which I'm not sure is good or bad news...).

Anyway, I'd better wrap this up and then go home as I've done as much here tonight as I want to.
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