July 21st, 2006

Old Friend

Coalition of Three?

A picture tells a thousand words...

May you go to hell Mr Blair...

Britain and America's actions (or lack thereof) are disgraceful. Not only has the leadership of these two countries got blood on their own hands because of Iraq they are now implicating themselves with the blood of civilians in Lebanon, Israel and Gaza.
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Old Friend

Israel/Lebanon: United Kingdom/Ireland

OK, let's put the Israel/Lebanon situation in a different context. One closer to home.

The IRA kidnap two British soldiers in Northern Ireland. They also bomb/assassinate some Protestant areas.

The UK responds by bombing Dublin Airport and then launching a ground assault, naval and air blockade and continued shelling on both Dublin and a number of other cities within the the Republic of Ireland that are believed to have IRA sympathies or groups.

The IRA repsonds by repeated shelling of both military and Protestant areas in Northern Ireland.

The Irish President calls on the British to stop bombing his/her county and killing civilians. The UK says it's fighting terrorism and the Irish Government should do more to disarm/wipe out the IRA.

Now tell me that Israel's response is justified.

(OK, the above is over simplified but the basics remain the same)
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