July 22nd, 2006

Old Friend

March Against Israels Actions in Lebanon (Saturday 22nd July)

A bit last minute I know but I thought I'd post the details/link about the various rallies taking place throughout the UK tomorrow (Saturday - well I huess it's later today now...) in protest against the needless civilian deaths and bombings taking place in Lebanon and our own governments attitude towards the situation.

Events are taking place in the following places:

Birmingham: Saturday, 1300 BST - 1500, outside Waterstones, entrance to Bullring
Exeter: Saturday, 1100-1300, Bedford Square, Exeter High St
Edinburgh: Saturday, 1400, The Mound precinct, Princes St
Glasgow: Saturday, 1200, George Square
Kirkcaldy: Saturday, 1200, outside Kirkcaldy Town House
London: Saturday, 1200, Whitehall Place, Embankment
Manchester: Saturday, 1300, outside BBC, Oxford Rd
Newcastle: Saturday, 1300, Grey's Monument
Norwich: Saturday, 1300, The Haymarket
Sheffield: Saturday, 1200, Town Hall
York: Saturday, 1300, St Sampsons Square
UK Protests Over Israeli Attacks (BBC News Online; Saturday 22nd July 2006)
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