July 30th, 2006

Alien vs Kitten

Sunday Workings... Silence and Inspiraton

I've had a very productive day so far at work but I'm beginning to get that 'Sunday afternoon lagging feeling' that I sometimes get when I work by myself here in the office. I blame it on sitting down for too long with nothing but the music for company (and then when the CD finishes when i'm in the middle of something and thus don't get up to change it leaving me working in silence for over half an hour with nothing but the noise of the fans twirling in the background...).

OK, so maybe I should get up, stop complaining, and change the CD? Yeah, ok ;p

I'm also going to go for a walk round the block to waken me up a bit (plus catch a sneaky cigarette and maybe pick up a cold drink...).

I have also had a neat idea for a small Indy Press 'serial' game. When I'll actually have time to sit down and develope it is another matter. But I like the idea and with the restructuring of Cubicle 7 currently going on which includes more 'hands on deck' a bit more free time to concentrate on some pet projects or even do some writing myself (shock horror!) might actually be feasible. Which would be great because I do actually miss writing and being more creative.

Anyway, death stick and drink are calling me...
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Old Friend

Le Salon du Jeu - Paris - September 15-17 2006

It looks like I might be heading over to Paris for Le Salon du Jeu in September (15 to 17). I'll probably only be attending the event on two of the days as I'll be trying to hook up with Delphine and possibly a couple of other French friends on the Saturday if they are free. This led me to wonder if anyone else of my F-list was attending or thinking of attending the event?

Le Salon du Jeu is a yearly games convention in France.
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Old Friend

Israeli Attack kills at least 34 children...

If Israel was actually targetting and fighting terrorists then I don't think I, nor many others, would mind so much. The fact that they are blatantly targetting anything that moves - and have killed scores of children and civilians - is the thing that outrages me against the current government and tactics in the Stae of Israel.

The current leadership in Israel - both in government and in the military - should be made to account for their actions. The rumours (and now possible evidence) of using illegal chemical weapons aside, the disproportionate offensive on the Lebanese civilian population is an atrocity.

All apart from two of the worlds governments have come out and condemned Israel's reaction. I feel that Lebanon should ask for help in fighting the Israeli incursions as they are directly targetting civilians and not 'terrorists' as anyone can see and hear. It amazes me that the lebanese Army has not got directly involved as yet and it must infuriate them to sit back and watch as their fellow compatriots are murdered by the dozens and injured in the hundreds.It is a shame that the Lebanese Army is not stronger - both so it could have disarmed Hezbollah and also so it can defend it's people.

This latest story broke today: Dozens Killed In Lebanese Air Raid (BBC News Online; Sunday 30th July 2006).
More than 54 civilians, at least 34 of them children, have been killed in a town in south Lebanon in the deadliest Israeli strike of the conflict so far.
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Serenity Firefly Movie

Battlestar Galactica Season One

Just finished watching the first season of the new Battlestar Galactica series (Yes I know I am behind the times!).

Now I'm not a big fan of TV sci-fi and had it not been the brilliance of Firefly/Serenity I might have given Battlestar Galactica a miss . I do, kinda, have fond memories of the original 70's series though so maybe that helped prompt me (along with a number of friends reccommending it) to actually pick it up and watch it.

Generally speaking I did enjoy the series. There were bits which really wound me up (basically how some of the characters handled, or reacted, to things) and I am not a fan of showing flash clips of the upcoming episode just after the opening credits as that destroys some of the surprise when you've seen a clip of x hitting y (for example).

The characters are interesting (even if they do wind me up at points) and the basic premise of the show (which is the same as the original series) is good. This new Battlestar Galactica is vastly different from the original though. It's a lot darker and grittier and having a model of Cyclons that looks like humans certainly throws an extra level of paranoia and suspense into the mix.

I like Dr Gaius Baltar (James Callis - who I can't believe is only one year older than me!) but he is also one of the characters that irritates me the most. How no one else in the fleet has actually taken any action regarding his state of mental health is beyond me for someone with so much authority and influence! Apollo, Starbuck, Boomer, Commander Adama and President Roslin are all enjoyable but I have serious reservations about the roles of Colonel Saul Tigh and Ellen Tigh (who irritates the hell out of me).

Overall I found the first season interesting, but with its faults, and will no doubt pick up Season 2 when it come sout to see how it continues (and also to discover what happens after the end of Season One which finished on a major cliffhanger!). Apparently the Sci-Fi channel has just commissioned a spin-off series from the show too. I guess it's doing fairly well for itself. Overall: 6.5/10.