August 1st, 2006

Old Friend

Well *someone* seems to have had a good time last night...

I've woken up feeling like I darnk *waaay* too much last night. I have a bitch of a hangover.

Of course this is even more irritating because I didn't have a sip of anything alcoholic last night and spent the night at home!

Maybe my Dreamself has been wandering around the bars and taverns of the Dreamscape again. Living it large with the other denizens and visitors of that mysterious place. Although, unfortunately, I can't remember any of my dreams this morning either.

Erg - at least I *should* only be on for half-a-day today. Then I can meander home and rest do some more work there.
Contemplating Cucumber

(Films News) Dark Knight

The sequel to Batman Begins has now officially been announced. It is continuing from the first film and the cast (Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine for example :p), director and screenwriters are staying pretty much the same.

The film will be introducing The Joker to the new universe and after much screen-testing they have finally announced that Heath Ledger (Brokeback Mountain amonsgt others) will be taking the coveted role.
To Do....

Threat Level: Severe

The British government has started a new public Threat Level assessement. Ranging from Low (an attack is unlikely) to Critical (an attack is expected immediately). More info can be found on the UK Intelligence Community Site in their Threat Levels Section which includes how they make the call.

So what are we currently? Well the UK is.....

Which translates to "Tony Blair is getting too much stick on his position regarding Iraq and Lebanon. Quick, we need to make the public worried about the threat these extremists pose to us so they don't complain so much at the heavy handed tactics we, and our allies, are using. Nor will they mind so much as Blair and his government further erode Britain's civil liberties and further turn us into an unofficial state of the United States of Christianity America."