August 5th, 2006

To Do....

Yesterday was eight minutes ago...Today will be better...

Productivity wise today has been absolutely shit. I have pretty much managed to get next to nothing done.

Yesterday I was a whirlwind of activity and it was great. Today I've just not been able to knuckle down and concentrate. The day started off badly I think when I woke up late and then somehow lost the morning without realising it had already gone.

I'm really hoping tomorrow will be like yesterday - a whirlwind of typing and doing and organising and sorting shit out.

It needs to be.

Five days until I leave to the States. Can't believe it's that close already.

I'm actually really looking forward to it. It'll be great to meet up with a load of friends in Indianopolis and also meet a whole host of people I've only chatted to via email or LJ before.

I think I'll also be able to make the Cruciform Injection gig in Indy on the Sunday night as my flights not coming back to the UK until Monday. That also means I need to book a room for an additional night but that shouldn't be too hard (I hope...).

Anyway, off to bed to read (currently reading Book 3 of the execellent Dresden Files).

One day I will regain my life and get out clubbing again. I've not been for about a month!! Nor have I been to a gig in the last few weeks!!! And don't even start me when I last got laid!!!! Ahem. Sorry...:p
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To Do....

Myspace Reminder

Thought I'd just let people know they can also find me on Myspace if they have any desire to do so.

My LJ is certainly the busier of the blogs I run though. I generally just use Myspace to keep in touch with bands and have also got a few friends there that don't have LJ accounts.

But hey, if you wanna Friend me be my guest!  :p

(Right, now work...)
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Barnet FC

First day of the season...

Well the Football League kicks off today with both my teams in action.

Norwich are playing at Leeds and are looking to get into the Play-Offs and hopefully back up in the Premiership again next season after a fairly so-so Season last time which started badly but picked up towards the end.

Barnet are also playing today. They're at home to Torquay. Both teams managed to escape relegation to the Conference last year and will be both looking to start this season strongly. I doubt either are promotion contenders (more likely relegation contenders again) but both are fairly good sides that realistically should finish mid-table away from any threat. Still, I hope Barnet win today even though one of my sisters boyfriends is an ardent Torquay supporter (the poor boy). I actually thought about going to the match today and meeting up for drinks with Darren (Dom's BF) and also Gen and Tom who'll definetly be at the match. However it is obvious as I'm typing this after the 3pm kick-off that I'm not there. Have work to do (hears whip crack in the background). Er yes, better be getting on with some too...



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Old Friend

New York? Maybe...Definetly... :)

Looks like I'll be staying for 24 hours in New York on Tuesday/Wednesday!

I just spoke to jessworld and I'll be meeting her on Tuesday morning to catch up (I haven't seen Jess properly in years and considering we were flatmates  and pretty much best friends back in the mid-90's it'll be good to catch up! :D).

I think she's already planning where to take me on Tuesday night :p

Then it's off to Indianapolis on Wednesday morning. It'll mean I am now actually getting into Indy later than I was (about 6pm instead of 1pm) but hell, for a day in NYC and catching up with Jess it's more than worth it!

Then it's off to the party/award ceremony on Wednesday night and mroe catching up with people!!!

Yay!!! :D
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Manga Me

America Here I Come! (Once again...)

In an a relatively unforeseen twist of fate I'm heading back to America on business again this week.

I'm flying out to New York City on Tuesday where I'm catching up with an old friend and flatmate who lives over there. She's taking me out during the day and finding a nice watering hole in the evening for a bit of touristy stuff but mainly just catching up.

On Wednesday I'm flying up to Indianapolois for a Convention (GenCon). Booth set-up is on Wednesday and the actual show is Thursday thru Sunday.

Saturday night I get a chance to catch Cruciform Injection (An Industrial Techno band) whom I've wanted to see for years but who have never played the UK so I get another chance to gig in America too :p

I fly back on Monday and arrive back in the UK on Tuesday morning.

All in all I'm really looking forward to it - even if it was all a bit last minute in the arranging stakes.

So, hope you all behave whilst I'm gone and to catch up with some of you once I return!!! (And also catch some of you whilst I'm in the States :p)
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