August 6th, 2006


Things You Don't Need When About To Go Away...

...coming into work with a whole loada shit to get done to find that overnight the upstairs have overflowed their bath (or something), brought down part of the ceiling and left a little pond in the middle of the shop with various pools trailing off it to the hole in the ceiling.

I've just spent the last 90 minutes mopping up :(


At least I can take comfort that we're in London and not New Orleans so all I have to worry about is the occasional 'little pond'.

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GameForce London : 20th August & New Mailing List!

Thanks to everyone who came along to the first Gameforce: London in July! During the course of the day we actually had just over 45 people through the door!

The scheduled demo games went well and their was a bundle of board games played and a couple of RPGs.

We've had a few offers from people to run other RPGs this month (in additiona to the continuation of the L5R game that started last month). Please check out the gameforce Livejournal Community and post any requests for games or offers to run games over there! Alternatively join the Gameforce Yahoo Group by sending an email to

Hope to see some of you on the 20th August for our next outting!!!

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The GameForce Network Presents:

Next London Meet: Sunday 20th August (And every third Sunday of the month)
Time: 2pm to 9pm
Venue: The College Arms, 18 Store Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1E 7DH
Price: £2 members; £3 non-members
Nearest Underground: Goodge Street (Northern Line). Also close to Warren Street (Victoria & Northern Lines) or Tottenham Court Road (Central & Northern Lines)
Games Played: RPGs, Board and Card Games, TMG and CCGs
This months Tournament & Demonstration Games: TBC.

GameForce: London is a brand new games club in Central London catering for Board & Card Gamers, Roleplayers and CCG/TMG players!

Taking place every third Sunday of the month the club aims to provide a regular meeting place for gamers and a friendly environment to play games both familiar and unfamiliar.

For further information please contact Angus Abranson on or phone 020 8346 2327 (9.30am to 6pm) or join Gameforce Community on Livejournal (!!

Grab a game and Come and play!
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Music Meme Mk2

Time for a variant on the music meme that was going round. jonny_eol has given me 'Star'

Covenant - Dead Stars
Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar
Decoded Feedback - Dark Star
The Herbaliser feat Roots Manuva - Starlight
Conjure One - Manic Star

If you comment here, I'll give you a word and you have to come up with five song titles that contain that word.
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(Video) Kasabian - Empire

This is currently one of my favourite videos.

I caught Kasabian live at last years Glastonbury Festival and they were one of the best bands there. Really looking forward to their upcoming new CD too :p
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Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill

I saw this video for the first time a few minutes ago when I was watching TV.

Now I love Thom Yorke's "The Eraser" CD. It's a lot more haunting than a lot of the more recent Radiohead material and I'm glad he's gone his own way (even if only for one CD) to do this.

I recognise some of the 'riot' clips shown in this but I found the video - combined with the words - a very touching experience.
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(Video) Conjure One - Center of the Sun

Now many of you might have heard me raving about Conjure One - one of Rhys Fulber's sideprojects from Front Line Assembly and Delerium.
Well now I can play you one my favourite tracks which has been spliced together into a an award winning fan made video using clips from the Metropolis Anime.
I've grown really attached to both Conjure One's CDs and am really looking forward to finally seeing them live in November.
Hearing this you might also agree with me that it isn't really music for the Slimelight crowd so why they're playing there I still have no idea! (OK, I know why they are playign there because Rhys told me - but don't think it's the right venue for them!).
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(Video) The Sisters of Mercy -- Black Planet

OK, this is the last one for now. I was going to finish after the Conjure One video but soemthing made me look for Sisters vids.

And I found this.


I've never seen the video to 'Black Planet' before and now I'm not surprised. Von Eldirtch and co. must have tried to hide it in the deepest darkest vault and hoped no one would ever remember they did it.

I know it's the early 80's and everything - videos were young yadda yadda - but this is a REALLY bad video...