August 8th, 2006

Paddington Travelling

...and ready for take off...

Right then. All packed and ready to rumble.

The taxi will be here in about 30-45 minutes and then it's on to Heathrow and then JFK!

I opted for the 'stay awake' method of making sure I didn't oversleep my alarm call. For someone that's not had a wink of sleep and has been doing stuff all nigh I feel remarkably awake. Hopefully the films on the plane will be naff and I'll catch a good 4-5 hours sleep en route to New York.

I've opted to leave my laptop at home so I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to check LJ/emails/etc. I'm sure I'll be able to in Indy though either through bribing my roomie or finding a terminal somewhere I can log on to.

If I don't though I hope everyone has a fine week and to talk to you as soon as possible!!!

Looking forward to seeing a bundle of you at the show in Indy too. I've decided I'm really looking forward to this week :)

Catch you all laters!

This is Angus signing out!

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Penguin - hello!

36+ Hours and counting...

Well I'm alive (and still awake) in sunny New York. Ended up getting on really well with the two people I was sitting with on the flight over (Vanessa and Rhys) and shared a cab into Manhattan with Rhys before he had to catch a train elsewhere. Met up with jessworld (she says hi) and after talking and gossiping for the last couple of hours am now off for a welcome shower before heading off for some even more welcome food.

It's been over 24 hours since I last had a decent meal and I'm starving! It's also over 36 hours now since I had some sleep but it's only 2.45pm here so I've till got ages to go before bedtime! Think I need lots of caffine as I am beginning to now feel a bit tired...

Anyway, hope all is well back in Blighty and I'll probably updat next when I'm over at Indy!!!
Paddington Travelling

45 Hours...

Well I'm upto 45 hours. It's 11.30 and I reckon I've managed pretty well. I'll probably be turning in shortly, aiming for a 8-9 hour sleep and then *hopefully* will be jet-lag free for the rest of the trip. I'm quite impressed I've managed to last 45 hours without sleeping and I actually feel alright atm. There have been a few noticeable dips though - but string coffee seems to have assisted me then :)

I went to a Rice Pudding Cafe (Rice Too Riches) which was an interesting experience on the taste buds. I also went to The Browery (see Gangs of New York) and also walked through the very impressive China Town they have in New York. It's massive and probably does a very good job at immitating Hong Kong! I'm not sure I saw an English sign or poster at all (including the newspaper stands)!!!

New York certainly seems like a very nice city. Shame I'm only here for one day. I've already been chatting to Jess about coming back for a long weekend or maybe a full week at somepoint. It's certainly a city I'd like to explore (and I honestly didn't think I'd say that about The Big Apple).