August 16th, 2006

To Do....

Fields of the Nephilim Tour Cancelled :(

Just discovered that the Fields of the Nephilim have cancelled there forthcoming UK tour :(

Glad I'd only gotten round to buying the London ticket before I left to the States now. I'll have to chase up a refund tomorrow.

Apparently they are going to try and reschedule for a new tour in 2007 but it still sucks. I love The Neph and was really looking forward to seeing them again. Oh well, at least New Model Army have now announced their annual December dates so I can snap those up...

I managed a couple of hours sleep this afternoon and am about to head to bed for a (reasonably) early night after an entertaining evening of playing Star Wars with the gang and showing off some of my GenCon booty to them (and passing over some of the promo stuff I was given) as well as various bits of gossip and news. I'll try and find time tomorrow to do more of a GenCon write-up but have a lot to catch up on as being away for over a week has caused havoc with my 'To Do' list and some of it is now very urgent. Plus I want to get down to the gym tomorrow (shock horror!) if at all possible.

Night night fair readers!

Deep Sleep...

I seem to have slept for over 12 hours! Guess my body/mind needed the rest after travels of the last week.

Unfortunately this leaves me with less than half-a-day to do everything I was planning on getting done today.

Guess that means I'd better wrap this post up, shut down LJ and get working...

Til later folks!

Books and stuff...

Well my first day back has been less than productive in the scheme of things. Waking up in the afternoon didn't help much either - but then I guess I needed to recuperate from GenCon and the trans-Atlantic travels.

I did manage to cross off a few things on my 'To Do' list however. I helped out mrmarc (and not by supplying him with home made porn for thos eof you on his LJ!) popped into work to see how the guys were and that everything was still in one piece after being away for pver a week! :p I also picked up a new watch as mine finally died in the States and some new trousers which I'd been promising myself to pick up for a while now but never found myself in North Finchley to do so.

I also ended up picking up three new books (I tell you, book shops are the bane of my wallet! - well one of the banes of my wallet in anycase...). I got Freakonomics by Steven D Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner which was reccommended to me by the mighty Mike Pondsmith when we were out drinking on Sunday night. I also picked up Yes Man by Danny Wallce which Dom told me about after last nights game, and finally I got a copy of Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman which I'd been meaning to pick up for some time.

Still they'll have to wait until I've finished the current books I'm reading (Prince of Chaos by Roger Zelazny - the 10th book in the Amber series and The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter which contains the Company of Wolves short story that Neil jordan made into the film. The Bloody Chamber was suggested to be by imagnocean and I did start reading it on the plane but stopped as I always get a bit self-conscious when I'm reading books in public that deal overtly with sex or come across racist (such as some of the excellent Flashman Chronicles). The Bloody Chamber is certainly a book you don't want the person in the next seat reading over your shoulder! :p

Anyway, the evening is young and I've promised myself to put in a good few hours of writing and organising things this evening to help me get some sort of order to work with tomorrow morning.