August 17th, 2006

Paddington Travelling

Blind Date Competition!!! (Screened Comments)

Hello readers, as you may know I am currently a single boy and, whilst I am quite enjoying the single life, am aware that sooner or later I will almost certainly become one part of a couple again.

Now whilst most things you can do solo there are somethings that require a partner. Winning a free European City Break for Two is one of these occasions.

As such I'm going to run a 'Blind Date' competition. To apply you have to be female and single and over the age of 18 (for legal reasons :p). You don't need to be on my Friends List or even have a Live Journal to apply - although I will need more info from you if you don't have an LJ to make sure we're not just going to clash throughout the weekend!!!  Sorry boys, this offer isn't open to you :p

I'm screening comments so please comment and let me know why you would like to come on a European City Break with me along with contact details should I wish to quizz you further or you end up being the lucky winner!!! I will also be posting another thread in a moment which will be open comments for people if they have general questions or wish to warn any unsuspecting young ladies off the idea of a weekend away with me!

The city has not yet been decided as the competition people (Travelex Worldwide Money - I won this at Heathrow when i was exchanging UK Pounds to US Dollars last week) will be sending me a list of destinations and I will make that aailable to the 'Blind Date' winner to choose from (although I might draw up a short-list of three cities with her and then let the lucky girl randomly draw one ala Cilla style!).

Photos will be taken on the trip and an amusing commentary will hopefully go along side them with views from both parties involved.

No commitment is expected apart from accompanying me on the trip and hopefully having a good time whilst there.

No purchase is neccessary

Any questions please ask.

Take care and have fun!
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I've just found a completely new appreciation of MSN and webcams - and no it wasn't anything dodgy before the dirty minded of you start perking up!

Had a great evening. One I wasn't expecting in the least. Thank you to 'you know who you are'
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