August 19th, 2006

Old Friend

Sunday = GameForce London! with giveaways!!!

Sunday 20th August is the second Gameforce London meeting at The College Arms in Store Street (2pm to 9pm!).

We've managed to get some prizes to give away to attendees so everyone who attends will be given a raffle ticket with a draw being held at about 6pm. On offer are board and card games (Aqua Romana and a couple of sets of the Villainy Card Game), a signed RPG (Discworld RPG signed by Phil Masters) and some accessories which I think people will find fairly amusing (which I'm not mentioning here :p). Anyway, everyone who comes along will be entered so if you didn't have enough of an excuse already now you could win FREE stuff!!!! :D

We're actually looking at holding a draw for a new Board or Card game and/or a new RPG release each month as an added bonus to club attendees.

Also this month we'll be running demos of Wizards of the Coast's new 'DreamBlade' miniatures game. Everyone who aprticipates will go away with a pile of miniatures too. I managed to play the game a month or so ago with one of the designers and it certainly got me interested. I'll be trying to fit in a game of it tomorrow for another go (and also to get the free mini's to start the old collection off :p).

Anyway, bring a game and come and keep us company!!!!

Hope to see some of you tomorrow!!!

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Nail Bunny

OK, I give in. I need to visit the Dentist..... :(

I've not been a very 'Happy Angus'(tm) for the most part of today (and last night).

I think I have to give in and admit that I do actually have tooth-ache somewhere (maybe teeth-ache - oh god I hope not!!!) and should find myself a dentist who can poke me and make me hurt.

Now I've not been to a Dentist in years (and boy, do I mean 'years' here). It's not that I dislike dentists as such. It's that I have a complete phobia over 'needles' that said dentists will probably use on me.

I've never had an injection in the mouth from the dentist. When I was a kid and a teenager I was never offered one and just let them do the drilling as I clenched the side of the chair. Strangely that scared me less than actually having an injection. Admittedly most of the fillings I had were very minor so I probably didn't need an injection as such.

Anyway, the time has come. I have to find a dentist. They will almost certainly need to drill and I will almost certainly need to have an injection (unless I can convince them to gas me...).

Part one starts on Monday when I try and find myself a dentist. Dom has suggested his in east Finchley which is apparently very good and didn't hurt him. So I'll start there.

Until then I'm taking pain killers and hoping it turns out to be something else (lying to myself here - I know it's not going to be anything else...). Sin - if you do find the telephone number for that hypnotherapist please can you send it my way ASAP as I need to get over my needle phobia sharpish!!! Thank you :)

If anyone knows anything else that will kill/dull the pain by rubbing it over the general area please let me know (along with contact details of the place/person I can get it from). You can text/email with the details if you don't want to leave them here...

Legal options are preferrable :p
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Invader Zim - Curse You!


Oh yeah, it gets better.

Last night I was hit with a really bad case of insomnia. Now I used to have insomnia a hell of a lot but it wasn't too bad as I found I could usually *do* something whilst I wasn't sleeping. Last night however I put myself to bed about 2am because I was feeling tired but just tossed and turned not being able to sleep but feeling too tired to do anything else until well after 5.30am (that wwas the last time I looked at my watch but I know I was awake for a while after that!).


I'm blaming my tooth (stomps foot).

I don't mind being *awake* aslong as I'm able to still do stuff. When I'm *awake* but feeling really sleepy and shitty then I just want to transform that wakeness into something a hell of a lot more useful. Like sleep.

So, greater beings that look down upon us - can you please knock me out this evening as I don't want to spend all night with my mind in hyperdrive but my body just lying there useless and longing for momentary oblivion again!!!

Got that?

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