August 21st, 2006

Punisher Skull

Has anyone else used I only discovered them this evening as they were voted in Time Magazines 50 Coolest Websites. It seems quite good although I've only been using the menu on the front page so far and haven't explored the site in more detail as yet (although I have just set up an account to do so).

Basically you enter a band or a song you like and they'll compile a list of suggestions that they think you'll also like which you can then listen to.
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Nail Bunny

Dental Update...

Have a dental appointment tomorrow at 2.30.

They've booked me in for an extended session so they can do the filling at the same time.

The last time I was at the dentist was (I've now worked out) 18 years ago. Curse my stipide phobia over needles :(

Anyway, I've gone private at it wasn't all that expensive in the end (alot cheaper than I was expecting actually) so hopefully they'll be a bit more sympathetic to my fears. Atleast their receptionist was.

F**k I'm going to be sweating it out for the next 26 hours until the appointment :(

EDIT: I tried ringing the dental laser surgery clinic all morning but no one was picking up so I've ended up with the driller-killer method again. Would have liked to have seen how much they charged for laser treatment but I also need this done asap so they loose out (to be honest I probably couldn't have afforded them anyway...)