September 2nd, 2006

Nail Bunny

The wrong side of the bed...

As my Mum would say "I got up on the wrong side of bed this morning".

No idea why but this morning I was in a really grumpy mood. The fact that I have started working again has nothing to do with it eitehr as I enjoy my job and have had a really productive day here.

Although I will admit I was sorely tempted to start writing Pubic Wars instead of Punic Wars in the long list of miniatures we'll be getting in soon. It's another word I should watch out when I'm speed typing along with discount (which I keep typing discocunt for some no doubt freudian reason...). Thank heavens for spell checking before I send mails or upload things to the website! :p

Anyway, in typical "Angus is working" mode I'm still here even though we closed half an hour ago and will probably be here for about another 30-45 minutes.

I've also decided that I won't be good company tonight so am foregoing my appearence at Becky's birthday bash in Shepherds Bush. No one wnats a grump around on their special day afterall! Hopefully I'll realise what's up - or maybe I just need to go to sleep again and wake up afresh tomorrow? Hope that's it anyway!!!

So - will you be able to expect that Reading Festival update from me later? Well, maybe. I have a number of things to attend to this evening and that is on the list. Of course the others are all Cubicle 7, Dragonmeet or Gameforce related which should really take precedence to festival write-ups. Tonight will tell.
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Drawn Together

Deadwood (+ meme)

I started watching Deadwood Season 1 this week. It's taken me long enough. I remember it being on telly a couple of years ago and Dave and Sasha watching it and telling me it was very good.

I never doubted them as the bits I saw looked fantastic but I try not to watch TV series on TV as the chances are I won't be able to watch them every week so I'll just be late (as usual) and catch them on DVD. This allows me to watch them at my leisure and also not have to wait a week + between episodes when there are cliffhangers :p

Anyway, I'm five episodes in and I can honestly say the series is fantastic. It's the best TV serial I've watched since Firefly. I've already ordered the Season 2 box set in preparation for when I finish Season 1. It's certainly not for the faint-hearted and I also love how the completely 'unexpected' can happen. Certainly one of the events so far (concerning Wild Bill Hickok) completely blindsided me!!!

Plus it has such an amazing cast (although does anyone else think that Seth Bullock looks like Mike Tinney from White Wolf? It was a bit unnerving to start with! :p).

Anyway, fab series. Plus I found out that Andy P had created a meme for it a while ago so I just had to go and complete it :p

You scored as Seth Bullock. You didn't want to be sheriff, but someone had to do it. You wish you didn't have such a high moral compass, because you just want to sit in the background. However, in this town someone needs to step up, and if no one else will, that only leaves you. If evil only needs the good to do nothing, you won't watch from the sidelines. (Seth Bullock is played by Timothy Olyphant)


Seth Bullock




E. B. Farnum


Doc Cochran


Cy Tolliver


Calamity Jane


Al Swearengen


Alma Garret


Mr Wu


Joanie Stubbs


What kind of (Deadwood) Cocksucker are you?
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I'm really not all there today...

I've just been sitting at my desk for a few minutes checking some emails and wondering why the CD I put in the stereo wasn't playing.

Just checked and it was because I hadn't switched the damned contraption on! Doh!

I should just go to bed and get today over with.

EDIT: Glad I managed to figure out I needed to switch it on though. Berlins "Metro" has to be one of my favourite 80's tracks. In fact I may play it again right now :p
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