September 3rd, 2006

Gloomy Bear  - Kick

Flow of Ideas...

I wish I wouldn't have what seem to be great story ideas when I know I haven't got any time to even attempt to try and write them.

I had a really good 'destructive relationship in a crumbling dystopian transhumanist future'  plot line in the works. Guess I should try and make a few notes for that mythical 'rainy day' when I can actually return to doing some fiction writing (or really any sort of writing - although I do have a RPG project I'll be working on from early December which should be tres cool :p).

Anyway, back to work for me.
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Old Friend

Friends, memories and the dawn of time...

Got a text last night from a very old friend from Reading who I used to go clubbing/gigging with in the early 90's.

Seems he has a myspace account now (which I've friended) and I'm trying to pull him over to LJ as it's much more fun here.

Still, looking through his gallery at some very old photo's really sent me down 'memory lane' again.

I miss alot of the crowd I used to hang out with and although am still in contact with a few of them here and there (mainly the ones that seem to have scattered to the four winds) I've lost contact with so many people over the intervening years for one reason or another (or no reasons at all in many cases).

This, combined with me listening to some very early Mission CDs earlier today, has been both fun yet saddening.

Can't believe the years have flown by so quickly. Should really drive me harder to get some of my goals accomplished before I turn round and realise that I'm 50 and still dreaming!

Right, I think I'm going to take 30 off for Sunday roast at the pub. I know a few people are due to be gathering there around now...
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Penguin - hello!

B-Movie Birthday Bash

It appears that I will almost certainly be attending B-Movie on Friday for there birthday bash. I was thinking about going anyway but I had a call earlier this evening and am now entertaining a Maggie from Manchester next weekend whom I haven't seen in almost a year.

As such B-Movie is the club of choice for Friday nights entertainment.

All in all this week has shaped up to be an extraordinary socially busy week for me. Better make sure I stay in a good mood (and get as much done as possible tonight as time will be hard to find over the next seven days...)

Anyway, who else will be attending B-Movie on friday?
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