September 6th, 2006

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Save The Fox Campaign - Sign Up Now If You Haven't Already Done So!!!

Lifted wholesale but I will add a personal "please go and sign the petition" call to all of my Friends.
This is a copy of the MySpace blog of one of the Fox staff (last time I checked we were 18 off 4000 signatures, so it can be done, SIGN SIGN SIGN! Please. :-D)

*******please EVERYBODY SIGN!!********

I have been told we need 5000 signatures for the petition to be taken seriously! can you believe???!!!!!

So please please please can you sign it if you want to help us

Even if you don't go to the Fox PLEASE repost this so others can know about it. Yes, I am actualy begging you...please please repost this!!! It's so important to so many people for so many reasons!! Most of you are good friends of mine in real life, and I'm asking you as your good friend to please repost this, even if you've never been to the Fox or have even been to England! Do it for me and for the scene!

Those of you in bands that have something a million friends on your lists...please repost...that would have a massive impact
Old Friend

It's a domino effect... Camden Stables Market Under Threat

OK, so alternative London isn't doing so well at the moment.

The Astoria is under threat, The Intrepid Fox is sold and under threat, The Electric Ballroom still has the axe of redevelopment hanging over it and I've also just discovered that camden Market - well The Stables market part atleast - has been earmarked for a proposed £22 million development to turn it into "the largest commercial complex in London".

I remember when Carnaby Street was a big 'alternative' draw and friends and myself used to hang out there and the more 'punky' friends got harrassed by tourists wanted pictures of them (to be honest most tourists paid for the privelege :p). Now it's pretty much like most high streets anywhere in the UK and has plenty of trendy bars situated down the side streets. I also remember Kensington Market being one of the best places in London for all things Goth and Alternative - needless to say that's long gone now too.

Anyway, in regards to the Camden development I've stumbled across the Sace Camden Myspace site at if you want more info. There is also the Save Camden Stables Market website at

Stranegly enough I've not found a Save Tony Blair Petition or website as yet and from looking at Sky and BBC News it looks like he's in quite a bit of danger of being ousted very soon (and thank god for that - it's taken many in the Labour Party way too long to come to that conclusion!).

Now I need to get ready so I can out (to Camden by coincidence). Catch you guys and gals later
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