September 7th, 2006

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(Movie Trailer) Children of Men

A forthcoming British apocalyptical drama which seems to also have Michael Caine as a drugged out hippy. The film looks promising although I always worry about Horror/Sci-Fi Brit flicks as they never come across as 'professional' as American ones. Still, quite a few recognisable faces and has a Sigur Ros soundtrack to the trailer which is always good :)
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OK GO! (You gotta watch this one)

OK GO have now come up with a couple of cracking videos. This one is my favourite by a longshot though. It's a classic :)
OK GO (For Madwitch, Goldmoonrj and co) are the band we saw at Wireless during the summer who did the dance routine at the end of their set for 'A Million Ways' which was one of the highlights of the day :)
Anyway, please enjoy...
Phone Sex


Can I just say for the record that I love this meme. Thank you to everyone who has replied to it so far. It's been a real eye-opener in a very positive way :)

I'm going to go all shy now for a bit but hope to catch many of you laters!
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Intrepid Fox on the BBC (and you could be too...)

copied from silver_blue's LJ...

"Please post this as widely as possible

Just got off the phone with the BBC, who would like to do a piece on the campaign to save The Intrepid Fox. They are keen to see as many people who signed the petition at the pub, tomorrow - Friday - (presumably in time for the London news at 6.30pm). I'll pass on more information regarding timings as and when I get it.

Also if anyone knows of any higher profile supporters of the campaign, please let me know asap as I would like to get in touch with them and see if I can get them down there.



Directions are available from

Be there or be eternally SOBER !!!!
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Avalon's Childe - The November Wars

I was rummaging through a bag of old cassettes when I came across the below. Many of you probably don't know but I was actually in a band during my later teen years called 'Avalon's Childe'. We were a pretensious goth rock band with an identity crisis. We had a great drummer who decided he'd play bass because he didn't want to get 'hidden away' behind the drums and wanted a more visible role. Our replacement drummer was an ex of mine who played a little guitar but decided it's be cool to play drums instead. The lead guitarist and bassist both knew their instruments (the guitaist was actually really good - I'm not sure what he went on to do). We also had a keyboardist who was very good but was really into his prog rock and ambient stuff - which was great for atmospherics but didn't neccesarily work well in conjuncture with what we were aiming for though. He was also the only one who had a car so we ended up having a bit prog rocky keyboard ekements without too much fuss. The singer - well that was yours truly - which in all honesty was an appalling mistake as anyone who's heard me (and hopefully that's none of you) knows that I really can't sing. I just had the charisma and stage presence - plus no one else could sing either and I wanted to be in the band as I was the one who got everyone else together).

Anyway, we only recorded the one LP which the famous John Paul Jones (of Led Zeppelin fame) produced for us. He'd produced The Missions "Children" album a few years before which was a big influene on me at the time so we were over the moon to have him on board!!! We toured a bit - mianly in the UK but also managed a few dates in France and Ireland - before the band imploded. Oh, the memories... I wonder where the others are now (I know our drummer wannabe guitarist went back to playing drums and played in a couple of more bands - one of which was with a guitarist or bassist who later became part of Dream City Film Club who produced two very fine albums and were heavily touted as Placebo's favourite band during the mid/late 90's).

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