September 13th, 2006

Penguin - hello!

Open Days and what not...

Got home just under two hours ago. Knackered is not the word. Shouldn't be but I'm tired out. Last night wasn't really even a late (or heavy) one as the hotel bar closed at midnight. The hotel was nice - although a bit too hot. The central heating was on and the shower this morning didn't go below 20 Celcius - and I like my showers cool to luke warm. Also the countryside is dark and quiet. I couldn't get to sleep as it was just too quiet, too hot and too pitch black (not that that should matter when your eyes are closed but somehow it did...?). I also had an annoying dandy-longlegs flitting around the room and deciding to land on me every few minutes to begin with. now I don't mind insects but it kept disturbing me.

Todays 'Open House' at Esdevium was good fun. Talks from a bundle of companies about their forthcoming plans (companies such as WizKids, Wizards of the Coast, Mongoose Publishing, Days of Wonder, Pokemon, Black Library/Games Workshop and Upper Deck). Saw some cool bits and pieces (such as some of the forthcoming World of Warcraft CCG cards, piccies of WotC's Star Wars Starship Battles game and next years Gargantuan Blue Dragon :p) and also learned some cool stuff (such as Mongoose Publishing will be releasing a new range of Michael Moorcock 'Eternal Champion' RPGs - I was always a fan of Elric and Hawkmoon :D).

Caught up with a number of friends and associates too which I really liked. Plus made a number of additional ones which I also really like. So a big plus on the social side of things too!

I also did a load of Dragonmeet and Gameforce promoting and sorting out - more news on those to follow once they've been written in blood :p

Anyway, I'm now in London for the next 32 hours before heading off to Paris for a couple of days. I get back late Saturday night and then will be up for lunch with kit_hartford followed by Gameforce! Yay!

Next week I may sleep. I may also enjoy sleeping in my own bed - and alone in my own bed - more than I possible should admit to :p

(PS - I have also now revised my thoughts on Mongoose "Holy Grail" mystery license. They refused to tell me what it is but gave me a little bit more info to base a few guesses on and I think it is one of the ones I mentioned in the original post I made a while back about it.)
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