September 14th, 2006

Old Friend to Paris (T minus 6 hours)

Just realised I have to be up in six hours time and it's not even 10pm yet! Grr... I guess I should have a bath and get into bed and try to sleep (or atleast read a book and try to relax). I'm looking forward to the trip. It's been a year since I was in Paris (last time with Dave, Jared and Delphine) and I do love the city. I'll be at 'Salon du Jeu' all day tomorrow as I'm having a meeting with one of the companies exhibiting there. Not sure what I'm up to in the evening. Hopefully either dinner/bar with some of the company guys or else I'll be wandering the streets (specifically my much loved Latin Quarter and Notre Dame) at night listening to some inspiring music and then settling down to write somewhere. Either is cool with me :)

Saturday Delphine is coming up to Paris and we'll do some shopping, eating and general catching up. It's a shame I'm only there for two days really. If I wasn't so busy back at home I would have stayed longer - or maybe even tried to get over to Rouen to finally meet Alexandre and hangout with Delphine and him some more.

In 48 hours I'll be almost back in London. It seems too short.

Next week is starting to fill out too. I should really try and stamp down on things to allow me free time. So far I have:

Monday - free (Cubicle 7/Dragonmeet work - especially as there should be a fairly big announcement made that day that I may be having to field questions on)
Tuesday - Games night (Nicole - are you playing or are you off to the footie match in Leeds?)
Wednesday - Mel's coming over to hang out but I do have the day off to do more work
Thursday - Cubicle 7 meeting
Friday - free

Anyway, I'm signing off now to get ready for tomorrow's adventure. Hope everyone has a great few days and to catch up on LJ on Saturday night/Sunday morning! Hope to also see a few of you at Gameforce on Sunday :)

Byeee!!!!  xx
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Lord Angus

For Sale: The Shire...

I've seen this on a couple of friends LJs today but thought I'd pass it along so more of the Brit crowd can see it (as well as my other readers who haven't seen it on a Stateside Journal yet...).

I'm not sure what I think about this. Yes, it probably is an abomination of Tolkien's ideas but on the other hand I think it's quite quaint and (if the neighbours weren't going to be complete lunes) and the houses were big enough for me I don't think I'd mind living there. Of course I'd prefer it if all the houses/cottages were inhabitated by friends :p

Anyway, here is THE SHIRE. Property is currently available.