September 21st, 2006

Old Friend

The downside of running your own business in your spare time...

Is that you don't have much spare time.

Usually I don't mind but this evening I got a text off the lovely Lady Bug asking if I wanted to meet up for a few drinks as she's in Finchley visting her parents and sister and alas I can't go :(

I can't go because I have a marketing meeting with corone and Dom at 7pm to chat about the launch of 'Secret Project X' at Dragonmeet as well as getting Dom and corone finally in the same place when we're not gaming, clubbing or whatever so they can finally meet each other properly and Andy can run down the current status of 'Secret Project X' and also his plans for the product line in 2007/08.

Don't get me wrong. I love my day job and I love my own business. But sometimes you do kinda wish you could go on that spur of the moment drinking session with an old friend when she calls...
Gloomy Bear  - Kick

US Threatened to bomb Pakistan...

Apparently the US threatened to bomb Pakistan if they did not support the war to depose the Taliban in Afghanistan. Yeah, ok conspiracy theory bullshit. Well, not so as the person who has claimed this is Pakistan's own President Pervez Musharraf!

US 'Threatened to bomb' Pakistan (BBC News Online; Thusrday 21st September 2006)

US Threatened to bomb Pakistan after 9/11: Musharraf (Reuters; Thursday 21st September 2006)

That's going to do wonders for the credibility of the Western World! (and yes, I know it was the States who threatened Pakistan but in todays climate what the States does is unfortunately reflected on the entirety of the 'western' world in the eyes of many...)