September 23rd, 2006

Junk Baby - Viscous Sydney

Old Goth Flyers...

nemesis_to_go was foolish enough to have started a trip down memory lane and uploaded a flyer from one of the early gigs he used to promote in London. He reckons it was the fourth one he did. I reckon he's either missing a few or it wasn't '96 but '95 that the gig was on. Alternatively it might have just been all the snakebite and black that was consumed back then that has meant the distorting of reality...?

Anyway, why do I challenge the man?

Well, for starters I have three flyers that all predate the summer of '96! Check out the below :)


Oh, the good times..... :D
Old Friend

(Video) Rosetta Stone - The witch

Yeah, ok. So I seem to be on a bit of an old skool goff kick this morning :p
I've even been listening to some of my old Ghost Dance tunes too :)
Anyway, courtesy of YouTube here is Rosetta Stone's "The Witch" video.
Old Friend

(Video) NFD - 'Light My Way'

Many of you may remember me talking about NFD a few times over the last year or two. Well, I've now found one of their Vids on YouTube and thought I'd share so both the initiated and uninitiated alike can have a look and listen.
I still find it a bit odd sometimes seeing people I know on film...
Old Friend

(Video) PWEI - Wise Up Sucker

I love the Poppies. I've always loved the Poppies. Wise Up Sucker is possibly my favourite of all of their songs and one that I used to play (and still do) on my Spinal Tap Stereo that actually does crank it up to 11! :p