September 29th, 2006


(Goth Watch) Guardian Article

dodgyhoodoo found the following article in The Guardian this morning.

Back in Black (The Guardian; Friday 29th September 2006)

It was quite amusing to read but I would have expected more from Dave Simpson as some of his comparisons are a bit odd. I've also never heard the term 'zombie goth' - which is apprently the 'latest sub-genre'. I think he might be talking about Deathrock here but who knows... :p
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Robert Downey Jnr as Iron Man

Apparently its been confirmed that the actor to bring Tony Stark and Iron Man to the silver screen will be Robert Downey Jnr. Due in cinemas in 2008 :)

Also just brought a copy of Empire which has a superhero special in it this month. Good reading for the train tomorrow I think :)
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(Video) Sons & Daughters - Taste The Last Girl

I discovered Sons & Daughters last year and was lucky enough to catch them live supporting Nick Cave towards the end of 2005.

I've mentioned them before here but now with the rise of YouTube I can also show you one of their vids so you can actually listen to them too and see what you think.

I love their sound and it actually reminds quite strongly (especially in this track it must be said) of some of the old Ghost Dance tracks from the 80's. This is another band that if they'd tread the 'gothic' clubs and venues would have been a big 'scene' band but would probably never have risen above it. By taking a different route they have still captured the sound but have attracted a much wider audience which has allowed them to grow and live from music alone. If you like this I'd strongly urge you to go and track down their albums. I think they're fab :)

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