October 2nd, 2006


Too Tired and Apples To Apples: British Isles Edition!

Yay! It's 7.40pm on a Monday evening and I'm "STILL" in the Office! And I came in an hour early this morning... No rest for the wicked.

I've been feeling a bit shit today. I ache everywhere, I seem to have developed a possible nerve problem in my hip as every so often when I put pressure on my left leg I get a shot of pain in my hip area (it's happened about a dozen or so times today and if it hasn't sorted it self out by tomorrow evening I'm heading doctorward). On top of that my head feels fuzzy. I think I may be coming down with a bug - there's certainly plenty of it going round atm!

I've arranged cover for myself for tomorrow incase I wake up feeling really shitty :(
(Which is actually the reason I'm still here as I'm blitzing some of the "must do" Tuesday jobs incase I'm not up to it tomorrow. The way I figure it is if I feel fine tomorrow I'll have more time to do a load of the other things that need doing round here!!!)

One bright point of the day was receiving a delivery from David Westnedge (a UK games company) who are distributing the all new "British Isles Edition" of Apples to Apples! Apples to Apples is a great party game and one that gets pulled out at family gatherings with my Mum, sisters and various other halves. It can be utterly hilarious and I've still not forgiven Sister #3 (Gen) for some of her answers...

Anyway, why is this edition so special? Well, apart from being UK and Irish-centric and being an absolutely fabulous game (meaning we should be able to sell loads of it :p) it's also the first game product of 2006 that has my name in it (that I'm aware of anyway?). Alongside James Wallis and Cat Muir I helped suggest, fact find, edit and proof read the new 'British Isles' cards for the set. For this mighty task (yeah - like it was a real strain for you - Ed) I got a 'Special Thanks' mention and also treated to a meal by the mighty John Kovalic (one of the owners of Out of Box - the US company that publishes the game) when i was in Vegas last March.

Anyway, I'd better go and check on the uploads I'm making to the works site and see if it's finished yet. Then I can go home to restful oblivion (oh no you can't - you have a ton of work to do at home tonight Mister! - Ed).

PS - I may shoot Ed (although holding a gun to your own head and arguing with yourself about it may be a bit too disturbing and weird even for you...:p - Ed)
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