October 6th, 2006

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How Secure Are Your Bank Details?

Apparently Channel 4 News ran an investigation last night into credit card fraud and the link to Call Centres in Indian - which most banks now use.

They discovered they could buy sensitive information on someone for £8/person. This included not only their credit card details, secuirty codes, addresses, date of birth, passwords and transaction history but also recordings of customer call centre conversations with the client! The investigator brought about eight to 'test out'. She then went to the house of one of the customers she'd brought the infornation of and showed him it all only to discover he was actually already disputing some of the charges on his account!

The banks they mentioned included Alliance & Leicester, Halifax, NatWest and possibly Barclays (my friend who watched the programme can't confirm that for certain though).

The Times also ran an article on Call Centre Fraud last Sunday (Credit Data Stolen At Indian Call Centres : The Times Online; Sunday 1st October 2006)

EDIT: The Register also reported the problem and the Channel 4 investigation yesterday (Indian Data Theft "Exposed" : The Register;  Thursday 5th October 2006)
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Limbo to be decommissioned...

Souls are up in arms today at the proposed plans to shut-down and decommission Limbo - the halfway house between Heaven and Hell and home to millions of unbaptised infant souls. Pickets have spread like wildfire and additional Seraphim have arrived at The Pearly Gates to help Saint Peter keep order and stop the protestors that have gathered there.

One soul, who wished to remain nameless, has claimed "Pope Benedict XVI is just doing this to boost his popularity ratings abroad. He knows that the Church is loosing ground in Africa and Asia to Islam because the Islamic Faith says that stillborns - like me - go straight to paradise! Grieving parents prefer to believe that their dead little ones are in a nice place but what they don't realise is that Limbo is actually pretty good! It might not have that much of a nightlife and the beach front could be better but atleast you're hanging out with everyone who's a similiar age to you!"


A couple fo really interesting articles on the Catholic Churches proposed move to disband Limbo...

Vatican To Review State of Limbo (BBC News Online; Friday 6th October 2006)

How Can Limbo Be Demolished? (BBC News Online; Friday 6th October 2006)
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Deep Throat Makes Top 100 Landmark Films List

I can honestly say that I've never seen 'Deep Throat' nor to be honest am I bothered to do so. But I was amused to see it has made it into the Top 100 Landmark Films in the Radio Times along with other classics such as Citizen Kane, Pulp Fiction, Bladerunner and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,

It's the first time a pron film has made it into a Top 100 films list in the mainstream media. What amazed me more is that the film, released in cinemas back in 1972, has made $600 million!!!

Porn Film on "Landmark 100" List (BBC News Online; Thursday 5th October 2006)

In other news, I really doubt I'll be making it to the NFD gig and Inferno this evening. I've been ill most of the week and this has been my first 'full' day back at work and I'm feeling shattered. I think I'm just going to finish up here, go home, have a nice soak and get myself some food and veg this evening. I might even take the evening off from doing any Dragonmeet or Cubicle 7 work (shocker!). My sofa and a good book are calling to me...

Hope everyone whose going to the gig has a great time and consider me suitably jealous.
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Friday nights in and gigs...

Yeah, well.... er.... I kinda ended up staying at home this evening.

Chatted to Louisa and Sy for a bit about films, terrible sequels and why the film companies DIDN'T USE MY SCRIPTS for Crow 2 and the Highlander franchise past the first film as they were so much better. Then brought pizza for Jade and myself and chattered about how bloody expensive cinema going is becoming compared to how cheap DVDs are becoming. I really love going to the cinema but with the prices even the local cinema's are charging now they are just becoming unviable (especially if you add a drink and/or snack to the ticket price!). You can pretty much buy a new DVD off Play or Amazon for the price it'd cost for one cinema ticket plus snacks (or just the one cinema ticket if you go and watch a film in Leicester Square these days!!!).

Then quick chat to Mr Dominic on the phone reviewing some Cubicle 7 progression bits and organising a game of Memoir '44 for Sunday night after I get home from work. Then checking up on my mail, a few forums and now off for an early night with my current book.

I would have loved to have gone clubbing and gigging tonight but was too tired after this weeks bug. It's a shame and I'm sure I'll feel even more jealous when i read peoples thoughts on the gig and Inferno.

I'm still hoping to get to the Underworld tomorrow night to see Protocol and Suzerain but might also be catching up with an old friend for a meal and a dvd instead. I guess AFI on Monday might end up being my first post-Reading Festival gig! I'm either getting old or am working too much! Mind you next Saturday I've gone and double booked myself in the evening. I have a ticket for Lacuna Coil at the Kings College Student Union and am also on the guest list for The Knife at The Forum. So, anyone want to buy a ticket to see Lacuna Coil next Saturday? I've seen them several times (and they are brilliant) but have never seen The Knife and am on a bit of a Knife kick at the moment (if you couldn't tell from some of my previous posts the past week!!!).

Oh yeah, I may have a spare guest pass for AFI on Monday too but am waiting to hear whether Mel is coming to that or seeing Disturbed instead and whether or not Mira is free or in Nottingham or somewhere!
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