October 11th, 2006

Old Friend

Cinema here I come...

In an effort to try and reboot my day I'm heading off to the cinema to see 'Click' - a new comdey that looks vaguely amusing. I usually don't like American comedies but I'm hoping this one won't be of the usual fare. I need a pick-me-up and am willing to take the gamble to see if it gets me smiling.

Done sweet FA this morning.

Although saying that the new Delerium CD 'Nuages du Monde' arrived along with #1 by Fischerspooner. Just finished listening to the Delerium CD which was pretty good (although there was one track i wasn't so sure of) but I'll give it a proper listen again later. Will also have to try and test run the Fischerspooner CD later too. They were fantastic live last year and I hope they play the UK again soon.
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Old Friend

For Sale: Lacuna Coil Ticket - Saturday Kings College


I have a ticket for Lacuna Coil's gig at Kings College on Saturday for sale. They are also playing Friday night at The Astoria but I decided I wanted to see them at a smaller, more intimate, venue.

Unfortunately life has scuppered my plans as I'm seeing The Knife at The Forum on Saturday too and as I've never seen The Knife but have seen Lacuna Coil a number of times my decision was made.

Thus one spare ticket.

Anyone on my F-List (or passing readers) want first dibs? The ticket cost me £20 but I'll happily sell it for £15 ono. I can either arrange for it to be sent to you or, if you're going to B-Movie on Friday, I can give it to you there.

Please let me know if you're interested before I start spreading the net wider