October 14th, 2006

Lord Angus

The Electric Cabaret, B-Movie and Beyond...

Thursday - The Electric Cabaret
Met up with Mel. Had drinks and meal in Camden before wandering up to KOKO for what we thought would be just a Fischerspooner gig. Got there to find that nearly everyone else was really dressed up with boas, top hats and very decadant/smart. Both of us (post work) felt decidedly underdressed but what the hey. Collected our guest passes (and free cocktail vouchers :p) only to discover that the guest area was even more dressey. Needless to say that the photographers wandering around didn't bother with either of us! :p

Had very nice smirnoff cocktails with great straws that had a flourescent bit in them that shot up whenever you sucked. Much fun. Including a bit of a 'blow/suck' competition between Mel and myself with the straw ala 'tug of war' with the glowey thing. Got a bit drunk of lots of vodka inspired drinks (the show was sponsored by Smirnoff). Marvelled at some of the costumes on show (many of the staff where dressed up in Russian militarey uniforms or cabaret dancers with the big feather headware...

The show started just after ten and we were treated to comedians, jugglers, can can girls, human beatboxers, dancers, mime artists and loads of stuff. I recognised the mime from a YouTube video I'd seen (he mimes along to natalie Imbrugoloo's "Torn" song) and thought the Airhead artist was very good and one of the human beatboxers was absolutely fantastic (both were good but one in particular!). Then Fischerspooner came on and played a 45 minute set. They were still enjoyable but did come across as partaking a bit too much 'merriment' before they hit the stage as they weren't the tightest I've seen them. I'd have also prefered to have seen a full set as they are fab. Still, great evening and one that was certainly more than we'd bargained for!

Friday - B-Movie
Went to B-Movie as part of Dave's "Reunion" tour of London as he's down for a few days. It was great to see him and Sasha again and also loads of other people - some of which I haven't seen for ages and others I only see maybe once a month if I'm lucky. I also had he marvellous company of Lady Bug who surprised me by agreeing to come when I met her for lunch earlier that day! She's not seen Dave since before he moved to Scotland and I don't think she'd actually met Sasha more than a couple of times when we lived together. Anyway, it was really great having her out clubbing with the crew (after only about three years of knowing her!) and hopefully we'll all be able to drag her out again! Had a really good chat with Aaron and the lovely Munden seemed determined to make me blush with her praise of the poetry I've posted over the years on this journal. Earned her a complimentary copy of the collection when it's published in anycase!
I didn't leave too late as Sasha and Dave headed off to a party, Bug needed to get home for work and I was feeling a bit worse for ware after my second night of drinking. I hung around outside waiting for my cab, watched Munden and doorcrew evict a couple of people who shouldn't have been in the club, and ended up chatting to Rosie all the way home on the old phone and again when I got in! Life is good :)

Today, Tonight, Tomorrow...
Today - Not sure. have to ring Tru to see how she feels to see if she's up for design meeting. If she's not I have a ton of work to do here in anycase.
Tonight - The Knife at The Forum. Plus aftershow if I don't feel completely wasted by then.
Tomorrow - Gameforce at The College Arms. This month we're sharing it with the Changeling LARP game as it's doubled book due to calendar oddities. But after chatting to DT who runs Changeling we reckon we can both manage. Just be a little more cramped than usual for a month!

Am busy but am having fun. Am strangely happy at the moment two. Long may it continue...:p
Old Friend


Driving is something that i don't do. I've had various lessons over the years but have never actually taken the test. Christ, I even owned a car for about a year but I never once even sat in it (it wasn't the brightest of purchases but I thought I'd get round to taking my test but a slight accident involving the tendons in my foot and a game of football put paid to that attempt).

Part of me wonders if the various 'failures' to actually finish lessons or be able to make test appointments is some higher beings way of telling me I shouldn't drive. I don't believe it though and had already made my mind up to book myself for a new set of lessons next year and really blitz them, do the driving test and get a drivers license. I need to for work these days if nothing else, plus having a set of wheels would make seeing friends outside London a lot easier.

Another reason also struck me this morning over breakfast. If you know how to drive you can actually volunteer to help with relief efforts around the world for people like The Red Cross. I've often thought about how I could go and help out but without any background in engineering, building or medicine I've always felt a bit inadequate in that department. I've helped raised cash and run the odd charity fundraiser at times but that's really been the extent of my effort. However, if I learn to drive (and then go for a heavy vehicle license on top of the regular one) I could donate some of my time to go abroad and help ferry food/supplies and try and be a bit of assistance on the ground.

Plus it'd probably get me to some countries that I'd never usually go to! It would on one hand be an adventure and something you'd never forget and on the other you'd actually be doing some real good and helping make a bit of difference to people who have possibly lost everything.
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Robin Hood, at home, texting babies...

1. Ok, I'll admit to have only been half watching tonights Robin Hood episode on BBC (due to eating and phone calls) but it did seem much better than last weeks. Maybe that's because my full attention wasn't on it though. Or because my expectations were low? Not sure. What did you guys think?

2. Yeah, I'm at home and not at 'either' of the gigs I had planned for tonight. Am basically knackered after two nights of drinking (yeah - I'm becoming a lightweight in my old age! :p) and can't face a third and then expect myself to b perky tomorrow for Gameforce. Am having a quiet evening in catching up on some paperwork and chores. Need to tonight anyway as I've been so half-asleep today that I've not managed to do much!

3. If someone's wife has just had a baby and has just texted me then congratulations but I don't recognise your mobile number and you didn't put your name on the text! I know of several scams going round on mobile nteworks at the moment where people send fairly generic texts from premium rate numbers only for the recipient to reply (often trying to find out who the sender is) and then be hit by big bills. I'm not replying to this one as I don't know the number and suspect it's a fake due to being written in textspeak (and I don't know many people who write in textspeak!). So if someone knows someone whose had a baby today please lket me know!

EDIT: Just thought it might be Rhys whose had the baby as his number failed to get transferred over on my SIM when I changed mobiles. Deleted the text now so can't check. Well, I guess I'll find out tomorrow if he turns up at the games club or not! :p
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New addition to the world...

Well, it seems it was Rhys' wife who gave birth to a baby girl this afternoon. It's baby number two for them and is a little premature but it sounds like everything is fine. I've now managed to get his number and send him best wishes :)

It does mean however that he won't be at Gameforce tomorrow and so we won't have the EVE CCG decks to give away until November as he was bringing them down with him. Sorry to anyone who was aiming to grab one. I will pop into the shop and get the two demo copies I received there and bring them down so people can atleast have a look at them!