October 18th, 2006

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Germany and Roleplay...

I'm heading off to Germany in about ten hours time. Essen Games Fair calls me on my annual pilgrimage to the city's fair Mexican Cantina's, great restaurants and industry parties with friends from around the globe. Oh yeah, there's also the small matter of treading the floor with 150,00 other attendees for 8/9 hours solid on your feet trying to see all the 150+ new releases at the show plus catching up with all the companies present and arranging deals, etc for the shop so we have happy customers.

So yeah, Essen. A show where I work hard but also party fairly hard too. I don't get a chance to actually play any games there. When you work in the industry you kinda give up that luxury at conventions. I don't mind too much though as there is so much to see even if I went there as a regular punter I doubt I'd get round to sitting in on one of the many thousands of demo's that go on.

I love Essen. It's certainly the biggest show I go to in the calendar and also - along with CenCon Indy - one of the most industry party orientated (atleast for my small part of the industry in anycase...:p).

Apart from that, I ran my first RPG session in what must be almost 5 or 6 years this evening. I think the last RPG I ran was Brave New World by AEG when I was still living in the flat in Barnet with Delphine and Harry! Anyway, to ease myself back in I decided to run some good old fashioned Dungeons & Dragons and take the party through one of Goodman Games Dungeon Crawl Classics. I think the evening went pretty well, and I certainly enjoyed myself and started feeling more in the swing of things again, even if the first actual encounter was possibly a bit too hard for a 1st Level party and could very easily have wiped the group out if not careful!

Still, session one out of the way. Roll on next Tuesday for further delvings down the cave mouth...:p
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Islamic Dress

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Thanks to Christine for pointing me to this article. I found it interesting and thought I'd share.

You may have noticed that I've been very quiet on the whole 'Islamic dress' affair that's been in the UK news recently. This is because I personally don't mind how people dress and certainly don't find the full Islamic garb offensive or unnerving. There are a few women who dress this way in Finchley although it is still very rare to see it. I would hate to see the whole 'dress code' be demonised and become a symbol of militantcy. I can see that happening though if the press - and government - keep on the way they have been.

I do agree that religious garb should not be worn in schools though. Religious symbols - such as a necklace or pin - sure but nothing more overt. Schools are a place of education but of religion unless your parents have chosen to send you to a school with religion in it's charter. I agree with religion being taught in schools but the key word is 'taught'. I think all religions should be covered as knowledge helps fight predudice. I certainly don't think religion should be promoted or preached at schools though.

Anyway, it's 3AM and I should really get some sleep before my travels.

Take care everyone and catch up with you all soon. x
Old Friend

Movie News...

Naomi Watts is in talks to star in a remake of Hitchcock's classic "The Birds" - probably the film of his that had the biggest impact on me as a kid.

Melanie B (Scarey Spice) is apparently four months pregnant with boyfriend Eddie Murphy's (Yes - that Eddie Murphy!) child. I don't know why but when I found they were dating a few months ago I didn't believe it until the power of the internet 100% confirmed it for me. Now they could be sprogging!

And finally, Wesley Snipes has been indicted on eight counts of Tax Fraud of around $12 million. He could face up to 16 years in prison! I think the BBC are now running that story too...