October 25th, 2006

Lord Angus

Interview Questions courtesy of faerierhona

Interviewed by faerierhona :

1. What is the best gig you have ever attended?

That’s a really hard one. I’ve attended around 500 gigs in my life and seen well over 1000 live bands – many of which have been absolutely fabulous.

I could choose from so many but I think the band which possibly tops the bill for the best live act I’ve ever seen has to actually be U2 when I saw them at Wembley Stadium back in 1993. Although I’ve just checked my gig listings and The Sisters of Mercy actually slightly topped even that with there show at Brixton Academy on 21st December 1993. Other very great includes include numerous New Model Army and Nine Inch Nails shows, Fields of the Nephilim, The Mission, Marilyn Manson, Portishead, Ghost Dance, Garbage, Transvision Vamp, Republica, PJ Harvey, All About Eve and (of all bands) Bon Jovi!

2. Are you actually trying to turn into the Bill Gates of the roleplaying world?

That’d be Peter Adkison wouldn’t it?

I basically want to try and make some of the things I’ve been talking about for years actually happen. I have a 5-year plan and we’ll see what happens. One of the reasons I’m going for it now is because I can afford to and haven’t got any other commitments that are holding me back (mortgage, wife/kids, etc). I’d like to at least try to follow my dreams rather than go through life and not try to make them happen. I’d rather die knowing I tried and failed over the fact that I never tried.

3. Are you in love?

There are several very dear friends whom I love. But I am not *in love* in the traditional sense of the word at present. Although I am very fond of someone. Things change though and love can hit you at the strangest of times.

4. Day or Night?

I like both! I’m like this with seasons too – I like them all for different reasons!!!! I couldn’t choose. Sorry :(

5. Tea or coffee?

I used to be very anti-coffee but have developed a taste for it over the years. I still prefer tea though – I find it much more refreshing than coffee.

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Interview Questions courtesy of ria_saakshi

Interviewed by ria_saakshi:

1. You adore your music, what does it bring to your life? What do you think it says about you and your world view?

Music is a very powerful emotive tool for me. It can take me away and make me forget the here and now, it can make me dream, weep, angry and immensely happy. I would be incredibly sad if there was no more music in the world and am very pleased that there is so much variation of styles. My tastes are very varied – but I obviously prefer certain types to others – but I don’t think I’ve come across a single particular ‘genre’ that I’ve 100% hated. Although Acid House came close…

What does it say about me? I dunno. I’m a dreamer? My tastes are so eclectic that I’m very open and to new ideas and liberal? I think it basically says that I like music for music’s sake – not because of the politics, fashion or motive behind it.

2. Name one author of a book, game (console, pc, board, tableT, whatever) or a script (film or tv) who has NO RIGHT to be as popular as he is... and you mean it - its a crime to humanity that its that popular...

Christ, I don’t know. There are authors that I personally think are over-rated (such as Stephen King) but I don’t think I could ever call one a crime to humanity. (I did start a rant about religious texts after this but as no one will ever know who wrote them I deleted it as I can’t name the author and was letting my rant run away with itself…)

3. An Englishman's home is his castle; a tour if you please m'Lord... (real or imaginary I am not fussed)

Heh – I have a lounge, it is full of books, games and DVDs. I have a kitchen, it is full of games. I have a bedroom, it is full of books, CDs and games. I have a cupboard under the stairs, it is full of games. I have an attic, this has some books and games in. I have a bathroom, this is surprisingly game and book free. I also have two housemates whose rooms tend to be free of games although books and DVDs are indeed present but they are girls so you can’t see much through all the clothes and shoes scattered around the room!

I have a lovely pretty large house. It is fab. But it is maybe a bit too cluttered with certain items. I need a bigger house. One with a dedicated library, music room and games area. Ho hum…

4. Do you think you are a good subject of this country and a good citizen of the world? Do you think its important to be a good citizen? What do you think your duties are as a member of society to society? (its a Trinity question with one answer so I am not cheating!!)

Being a good citizen in my eyes is possibly different from that of the governments. I think people should treat fellow men and women (of all ages, races, etc) with respect. As long as people are not hurting someone else (unless it’s S&M play with consent) or promoting hatred/harm then I think they should be allowed the freedom to do whatever they like without interference.

It doesn’t cost a penny to smile at someone, to open a door or give someone your seat on the bus/tube who needs it more, etc. It’s small little things that everyone can (and should) be doing to make people’s lives more enjoyable and less stressful.

In that respects I think I am a good citizen of the country.

I am currently not a good citizen of the world though as I don’t recycle enough, conserve energy and food, and a hundred other things that need doing to help conserve Earth’s supplies.

5. If you could straighten your hair would you?

Not any more. When I was a teen I tried for a while but it didn’t really work and then I decided I actually really liked my hair the way it is/was.

Lost Teddy - Sleep With Me

Sleep, Questions, Torchwood...

I can't believe I'm still so bloody tired! I think I need to get up extra early and start getting to the gym and doing my weights again. I can only think that my complete lethargic takeover is due to lack of exercise at present. It certainly isn't a hangover from Germany as I got back on Saturday and slept the most of that weekend so i should be clear now!!!

Anyway, I've managed to organise a few days leave from the shop so I can blitz a few outstanding projects and also catch up on my email. I'm off for the majority of Thursday (although I'm in from about 3.30 for the last few hours to cover Mike), Sunday (because I have two meetings on Sunday - one at noon and one at 7pm!), and then next Tuesday and Thursday (I have Wednesdays off anyway). Hopefully these will allow me a proper catch up and also give me time to go to the gym.

Oh, if anyone wants to ask me any questions (up to 5) here's your chance to do so without needing a meme to prompt you into it. I'll try and answer them all within a reasonable time period as I'll need to take some breaks between work over the next few days :p

For now - I'm off to bed for an early night I think. Oh yeah, watching Torchwood for the second time (it was shown on BBC2 this evening) has confirmed that it is a very good series. Can't wait for the next episode!
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