October 26th, 2006

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(Trailer) Grindhouse

Now Grindhouse looks like a film worth seeing in 2007 if you like your zombie slasher films.

It's actually two films in one with fictional trailers inbetween each advertsising other 'genre' films. One of the films is written and directed by Robert Rodriguez and the other by Quentin Tarantino. The two films seem to be called 'Planet Terror' and 'Death Proof'.

Angus In the Woods

Japanese Cinema

kickinthenuts told me about this really good website devoted to Japanese Cinema the other day and I thought I'd share with you guys and gals as I know there are a few other enthusiasts out there.

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In-Store Appearence : Saturday 28th October : Stephen V Cole of ADB!

Leisure Games (leisuregames) is pleased to announce that Stephen V Cole, designer of Star Fleet Battles, Federation Commander, Star Fleet Battle Force, Federation & Empire and a host of other games will be in-store on Saturday 28th October from 10.30AM until around 5PM.

Stephen will be available to talk to fans about all of his games and also look at any submissions that UK fans may want to show him along the lines of new starships, scenarios, rules, etc.

For information on how to find our store please check our website at www.leisuregames.com !

Happy Gaming!

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Leisure Games Comes to Live Journal!

Leisure Games has finally fallen foul of the evil schemings of Live journal and got it's own account.

We'll be using it to let people know of the new releases each week, special events/in-store appearences, general chit chat on games we especially like and want to share with the world, news, and also to hear from people if they've got reccomendations of games they think we should stock, etc.

Anyway, if you a customer of the shop - or interested in gaming in general - please feel free to friend us! LJ Tag leisuregames
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RPGNow & DriveThruRPG Merge!

Hot off the mailing list:

RPGNow and DriveThruRPG Merge

Atlanta, GA, Thursday, October 25, 2006 - RPGNow and DriveThruRPG announced today that the two leaders in the digital delivery of electronic roleplaying games have merged together to form a new company called OneBookShelf.

OneBookShelf will continue to operate both the RPGNow and DriveThru websites while a new, fully integrated site is developed that will replace the existing sites. Publishers and titles that were once exclusive to one site will now conveniently be displayed on both sites so rpg fans can find all of their favorite titles on their preferred site.

Steve Wieck explained DriveThruRPG's desire to merge, "Our goal from day one has been to offer consumers their choice of any roleplaying game ever published available for instant download 24/7 world-wide. We will be able to meet that goal sooner by combining forces with RPGNow."

The merger is being treated as a merger of equals with all employees and owners of both companies carrying on with the new OneBookShelf company. DriveThru's latest digital delivery site DriveThruComics is also now part of OneBookShelf.

"The focus of the merger is providing the best experience for rpg fans. Combined with DriveThruRPG, we will now offer consumers over 9,000 titles from over 500 different publishers. Many of the titles have never been available in print or are no longer available in print," said James Mathe at RPGNow.

Both RPGNow and DriveThru will be down for a few hours tomorrow as the content of the sites is cross-listed.

OneBookShelf also announced that it has formed partnerships with the two largest rpg community sites, RPGnet and EN World to operate download stores connected to those community sites. Fans can support their favorite community site by purchasing from the new EN World and RPGnet download stores.

Shannon Appelcline of RPGnet said :"I think it's great for the rpg community that RPGNow and DriveThruRPG are joining forces. Once the new RPGnet download store is unveiled, it will give the RPGnet community even more convenient access to instantly get the best top brand and indie rpg titles available, while supporting RPGnet at the same time".

Russ Morrissey, owner of EN World described the new partnership with OneBookShelf: "This is a winning situation for everyone involved - customers, publishers, OneBookShelf and EN World. We should have done this years ago! Now EN World's members can support their favourite publishers and EN World at the same time! And EN World can support those publishers without worrying about who's buying what where. In addition, we at EN World get to concentrate on what we do best - D&D news, and a fun community.

"EN World has been a fundamental part of growing the RPG PDF industry from the outset, as a great source of information and reviews for the customers and a fantastic source of marketing for the publishers. We've decided to partner with OneBookShelf for the operation of the EN World download store because they can provide our community more title choices, from Wizards of the Coast to EN Publishing, to the newest independent publishers, and they can provide the level of customer support to which we feel this wonderful community is entitled."

"We are in discussion with more potential partners as well," said James Mathe of OneBookShelf. "Our goal is to allow all publishers to load their titles with us and be assured that they are reaching every corner of the rpg community world-wide. Publishers can devote their time to creating great content and communicating with their fans."

One consequence of the affiliate stores is that the RPGNow site which had been divided into a main site and an RPGEdge site devoted to small press rpgs will now combine all publishers into a single RPGNow site.