November 1st, 2006

Old Friend


I managed to carry out my threat and get to the gym this morning. Running, Cycling and Rowing but sadly no swimming this morning as it seemed to be 'mothers and baby' morning - although as I left I found that this was only one lane of the pool.

Am aiming on going back again tomorrow morning and getting into some sembalance of a regieme. Plus I'm checking the pool times so I can don the old latex hat and perscription googles - hmmm... nice...:p
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Old Friend


This happens every year. I need a bigger venue.

I've still not heard or received payment from about 6-8 companies who said they want to come to Dragonmeet but I've now run out of trade space so even if they do get in contact/turn up with (late) payment I can't really fit them in!

This is really good on one hand (because the Trade Hall always fills itself up and leaves us with a surplus of companies as back-up) but annoys the hell out of me as I'd love to fit more traders/companies in there. Guess it might teach a few companies to get their forms in early next year though!


I am going to see if I can rearrange the Halls a little to fit a few more people in but I have a feeling we did that on last years plan so I don't think there's any more room to move.

So, what's the chance of me finding a reasonably priced venue in the centre of London for Dragonmeet '07 that will cater for 1,000-1,400 gamers and a whole bunch of trade space? (I'm predicting a larger attendence in '07 due to starting the advertising/promotion from February, some steller special guests from across the seas and also a brand new and regularly updated website :p).

Now to get ready for this evenings meeting with Chris to go over the games schedule and see if we have any tables left there!
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