November 5th, 2006

Old Friend

Today... in brief

Saw BORAT at the cinema - is nice :p

Brought new boots and two new pairs of trousers (as it seems multiple pairs of my current ones have all decided that the crotchless look must be in fashion recently!)

Went to Ian's Stag Night and saw a bunch of old friends I've not seen in years. This also included a trip to a Morrocan/Lebanese restaurant which was very nice.

Saw a bellydancer :)

Went to Sinbad & Alex's house warming party and met lots of very nice new people plus several of my existing friends including birthday girl Izzy!!!

Got home about 4.45am and have just set my alarm for 10am so I can go to work!!!

All in all a really, really good Saturday! :)

Old Friend


This time of year always makes me think of living in a warzone. With loud bands and explosions going off in all quarters, the sound of rockets flying over head, etc.

OK, I know the sound of fireworks is immensely different to the sound of gunfire and bombs (both of which I've heard but luckily never in a warzone!) but it still reminds me.

I wonder about walking the streets of a deserted city, explosions rocking the night sky and the smell of gunpowder in the air. Even when you know it's celebratory fireworks it can still surprise you, we can't really imagine what it's like in areas with war or uprisings going on.

I always think that I should try and write a chapter of a book set in a warzone around this time. At least I'd have a light version of the actual sound effects going on outside my four walls!

Anyway, November 5th is well and truly here and Finchley has erupted in a non-stop chorus of explosions and lights.

Hope all my fellow British residents are having fun with their sparklers and frieworks. I've made sure I'm locked safely away at home. I, personally, think it's a bloody stupid idea allowing the British public to buy fireworks over the counter and feel they should only be sold to people who have a license to buy them for organised events. There are too many little prats around plus older prats that get pissed and then think it's a good idea to go and light the fireworks.

A friend of mine was at a bus stop in North Finchley (Tally Ho Corner) the other say when a bunch of kids let off a box full of rockets right next to the bus stop. Luckily no was injured but that's really not the point.

Call me a killjoy if you like but I think Guy Fawkes celebrations should be licensed, properly organised, affairs.
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Old Friend

And it's goodnight from me...

Screw it. I don't know why but I feel uptight this evening. Might be because I'm tired (whose silly idea was it to do a stag night plus a house warming until the early hours of the morning and then get up for a days work???).

In anycase, I'm feeling fidgety and a little wound up for no apparent reason.

I think I'm going to try and go to bed and have an incredibly early night in the hope that I can wake up around 6am tomorrow and go for an early morning swim and work-out and still get into work really early.

Hope everyone who went to Black Celebration today had a good time. I'll admit to not finding any of the line-up of interest (although that might be because I can't recall having heard Sucide Commando who apparently - I've been told - I'd probably like). I'll keep an eye out for peoples reviews over the next couple of days.

Night folks.
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