November 8th, 2006

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Congratulations USA!

Congratulations to all of my American friends for the results of the Election. That's Step 1 out of the way (and maybe Step 2 once all the Senate results come in!). Here's hoping that in two years time Step 3 will be completed and America will return to Blue Liberalism!

I was also really glad to see that America's first ever Muslim Congressman has been elected. I hope this sends a signal across the world that most of America is not anti-Islam and helps quell the anti-American/anti-West feeling in some quarters. Of course with the election of the Democrats and their influence over policies we'll hopefully also see a more moderate, humanitarian, consilidatory and peaceful platform when dealing foreign and domestic affairs.

So, well done America. Hopefully this is the first step forward to regaining the respect and leadership of the 'hearts and minds' of the world.

First Muslim Congressman Elected (BBC News Online; Wednesday 8th November 2006)
Democrats Seize Control of House (BBC News Online; Wednesday 8th November 2006)
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(Movie/TV News) Walken to play Ozzy(??) and Simon Cowell Blasts Seattle...

My WTF? laughter was inspired by reading that Christopher Walken is due to play Ozzy Osbourne is a new Hollywood based upon Motley Crues' autobiography "The Dirt". Ozzy was on tour with the Crue for a year and is depicted in the book as snorting lines of live ants and taking LSD. Anotehr guest appearence will be Val Kilmer playing David Lee Roth!

Another amusing read was Simon Cowell's recent comments about Seatlle after two days of filming auditions there for a new series of American Idol. To quote the story... "Acid-tongued American Idol judge Simon Cowell has branded the city of Seattle, Washington as "totally miserable." Cowell's talent-finding visit to the city was unsuccessful, with the British music mogul lamenting the lack of decent Seattle-based singers. He tells USA Today, "Seattle is going to be known for something other than coffee this year. They had the worst bunch of miserable singers that I've ever met in my life. It was two days of total misery. And the weather was bad, as well."
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Shopping Therapy...

Had a nice chilled day catching up with Sarah and wandering round Camden before heading into the centre of town for lunch, more shopping and then being joined by Adam (Sarah's bloke) and going for coffee.

Ended up making a few purchases of the DVD kind. Seasons 1-3 of Peepshow (A British comedy program well worth catching :p), Blue (a music DVD of The Birthday Massacre), Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (which I missed at the cinema and have really wanted to see for a while), Lady Vengeance (from the same director as Oldboy) and Aviator (which I really enjoyed at the cinema plus it was going cheap :p).

I also picked up tickets for Conjure One (this Saturday! Yay!) and The White Rose Movement (playing in December) as well as collected mine & Rosie's tickets for the Gary Numan gig on the 9th December.

I also finally got 'Someone To Drive You Home' - the debut CD that was recently released by The Long Blondes. Some of the older readers of my LJ may remember me talking about them at the end of last year when they released 'Seperated By Motorways' which I loved. Well now I have an entire album of them :) It also helps with my fix of Katie (the lead singer) who is very cute. How I've managed to avoid actually talking to them so far is beyond me as we've ended up at a number of the same aftershow and/or guest area gatherings this year. I'll just have to bustle in next time :p

Hmm... The Long Blondes. I now have the desire to share a video or two of theirs with you :)

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(Video) Rotersand - Exterminate Annihilate Destroy

Towards the end of the month I'll be seeing Rotersand live in London. Unfortunately they don't seem to have any actual videos but I found this fan produced one using clips from Doctor Who Seasons 1 & 2 (so it probably contains spoilers if you've not seen the series yet...) and using Rotersnad's "Exterminate Annihilate Destroy' Track.

I just had to share as it's really well sequenced...

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(Videos) White Rose Movement

White Rose Movement is probably my favourite 'new' band of 2006. There is not more than a couple of days go by when I don't have their CD 'Kick' on the stereo at least once and I've been waiting for them to play live so I can see how they do on stage (I'm now seeing them in December :p).

Now I know I've managed to convert a few of you to 'The Cause' before when I posted links to their songs back in the summertime but I thought I'd share a few of their videos with you too so you can give them another listen.

First one is above the cut and then another two beneath it. Hope you enjoy!

Alsatian - WRM

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