November 13th, 2006

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(Movies) Spiderman 3: Venom Clip

Thanks to twicedead who posted this link for some Venomy goodness that isn't in the official trailer (as yet - I'm guessing it's for a teaser trailer at soempint though...)

I was never much of a Spiderman comics fan but did love the old cartoons and have really enjoyed both movies so far. I don't know why I wasn't a Spidey comics fan - I liked him when he appeared in the comics or limited series (such as Secret Wars) that I did read but never really in his own titles.

Still, can't wait to see this third film :)
Cubicle 7

Sunday Dinners and Meetings

Had a very productive evening tonight.

Dom came over and I cooked us both a roast chicken megameal with loads of veg and plenty of gravy before we got down to business and went through a load of Cubicle 7 stuff. Printer contracts, promotional ideas, future plans (non-SLA or Victoriana as both of those are being very nicely taken care of by corone and oldson), the Cubicle 7 stand for Dragonmeet, and a bundle of other stuff.

Things are looking good but will definetly be keepng all involved pretty busy.

I seem to have the 'Work Hard' bit shaping up nicely so now all I really need to figure out is the 'Play Hard' bit that's supposed to go along with it...:p
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I was wondering how much sleep you guys and gals generally get in any given night? I know I tend to be awake pretty late and often up fairly early (even when my insomnia hasn't kicked in) and a couple of friends have been telling me off for having, what a think is a very reasonable, 6 hours sleep on average.

So let's hear ya...

Poll #866237 Sleep

How many hours sleep do you have each night on average?

Less than 4
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War on Terror Launch Party

I've just received two invites for the War on Terror: The Boardgame Launch Prty at the end of the month.

It's in London and if I can justify an evening off by then (Thursday November 30) I may very well pop by.

The game itself has been causing quite a bit of an uproar in certain areas and I must admit I'm intrigued to see what the 'Launch' night brings.