November 21st, 2006

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New Line Decides Against Peter Jackson for The Hobbit!!!


Hobbit Goes Ahead Without Jackson (BBC News Online; Tuesday 21st Novembe 2006)

(Also, it sounds like they have the movie rights for the Silmarillon - good for falling asleep too I guess :p)

In other news, I'm still in the world of the living. Just been very busy and also had Rosie down from Leicester since Friday until this morning so haven't been online. Will try and post more later. Hope everyone's well. I'm not sure if I'll be able to catch up with everyone's LJ posts for the last 4-5 days though. See ya!

(returns to the shadows)
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Dragonmeet Crash Space Request

I've got loads of people already crashing over at mine the night before/after Dragonmeet (possibly a wee bit too overcrowded to be honest) and am still getting requests.

Can anyone offer additional crash space for people?

Pre-ticket sales have also been strong which is great to see. I'm not entriely sure how many we've sold in advance (around 60-70) and I'll have to find out from Simon how many presales we've had in previous years to compare it. Still, not bad for just having them on sale for a week so far!

I'm also looking at hiring an additional room for more gaming as I've had requests from a couple of companies who want to run things but we've got no more gaming space available (without seriously impacting on the alloted 'Open Gaming' tables.

Also for any GuildWar fans out there - NCSoft are running a tournament with a bundle of prizes including a first prize which gives each team member £150 cash amongst other goodies! I'll try and post up details of that plus the DreamBlade 1K event shortly. We're also considering a very nice raffle prize which everyone who comes along will be entered into automatically via their ticket stub :)
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Oh Joyous Winter...

It was all blue skies and sunny when I woke up this morning.

Now, and for a while, it's overcast, grey, and we've just had a really REALLY heavy wintery snow/slush/hail shower round here.

Of course, I choose that moment to pop out for drinks for the LG crew here.

Damp is not the word...
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Dork Tower Meets Dragonmeet...

Ace cartoonist and all-round nice guy John Kovalic (muskrat_john) mentioned Dragonmeet in his strip. Indeed Dragonmeet seems to be the launchpad for his "Ken in London" story arc!!!!

Can you tell I'm happy? :p

Unfortunately John won't be in London for Dragonmeet this year. We'll just have to see if we can twist his arm to come along next year to make up for it!
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X-Men 4 vs Lost? Dr Who vs Heroes?

News from both the small and big screens...

Josh Holloway (who plays Sawyer in Lost) is being strongly tipped to play Gambit in the next X-Men film. He was originalyl due to take up the role in X3 but couldn't because of TV commitments. The X-Men producers liked Holloway so much they scrapped plans for Gambit to appear in X3 as he couldn't play them but things are looking up for the next installment. Holloway's inclusion could prove a good move too as the X-Men rooster is changing a fair bit from the earlier films as several actors - most notably Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, and Ian McKellen (ok, so not an X-Men but still a very important character as Magneto) - will not be returning for the fourth installment. I'm looking forward to seeing the final line-up for this one. Hopefully they'll manage to keep the Beast, Colossus and maybe try and lure Nightcrawler back. Without Jean Grey or Storm they'll be needing higher profile female characters too - maybe Shadowcat and Rogue will get bigger parts. Maybe some new female X-Men will appear. But who? They've already used Jubilee and Psylocke in other roles in the films. Maybe Dazzler (I was always a Dazzler fan). Who would you like to see?

Next story is that Christopher Eccleston is set to return to the small screen in another 'genre' role. He may have left the Tardis and Time Travelling behind him but he's now developing superpowers all of his own and joining the cast of the smash-hit US superhero series 'Heroes'. No news as to who he'll be playing but apparently the smart money is on Syler - the shows mystery serial killer who has yet to actually be seen.
Invader Zim - Curse You!

Things That Annoy Me 101: Parts 17/18


Things that annoy me 101: Number 17
Email that is being sent to me going astray so I don't know someone has responded/sent me anything.

Closely followed by ....

Things that annoy me 101: Number 18
Emil that I send regarding very important dealings not apparently reaching the intended important person and me only discovering this when I receive a 'have you thought any more about the proposal' type mail from said said important person.*

*I'd actually left chasing up said person due to him being very busy with a few other major announcements recently and thinking he was tied up with them. **** it. Nevermind, at least I now know that he's a) interested and b) didn't get the mail so I can resend it.
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