November 22nd, 2006

Cubicle 7

Victoriana for $15!!!

DriveThruRPG are selling the Victoriana RPG and supplements in PDF format (including the Hounds of Hate Penny Dreadful that has never had a print edition) at 50% + discount at present!

So, if you would like to have an electronic copy of the books, or have a look at one of Cubicle 7's other product lines (the core one being SLA Industries) please pop over and grab yourself a real bargain!

I also have print copies of the Victoriana Core Rulebook - plus supplements - that I'm selling on Ebay along with some SLA Industries books at discounted prices! GO BUY!!! :p
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Old Friend

America Plans 2007

2007 could see a number of trips Stateside for Yours Truly.

I'm not entirely sure of the exact schedule but between Games Expo, GTS, GenCon Indy and maybe another trade show or two I think I need to get a Loyalty Card and start earning my air miles. I can certainly think of numerous places I could use the miles to go in anycase!

Anyway, why am I thinking about my American jaunts in particular tonight.

Well, some of you may remember that when I headed over to GTS in Vegas this year (back in March) I decided to hang around for a few days afterwards and visit LA to see The Sisters of Mercy in concert (erm, twice in fact), hang out at the notorious Viper Room and go down and visit my friends at HPLHS who produced and directed the utterly fantatsic Call of Cthulhu Silent Movie.

Well, GTS has moved itself to late April now (in fact it starts the week directly following SALUTE in London which originally had me worried that my GTS attendence was in peril!). I was planning on hitting LA again post-show as I loved LA this year and also have the added bonus now of catching up with Melissa and Mike as they moved to LA in September of this year.

Other astute readers may remember me being heavily tempted over the last two or three years with a festival called Coachella.

Well, my dear readers, the dates for Coachella 2007 have now been announced and they are the weekend directly after GTS in Vegas. Thus all I have to do is relocate from Vegas to the Californian desert on Thursday and I'll be in time to catch three days of great live alternative music!!!! Then, with any luck, I might be able to run away to LA for a couple of days before flying back to the UK.

In anycase, Coachella looks like a distinct possibility for 2007.

Me so happy :)
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Silent Battle of The Night...

Standing in the doorway to my house, with the security lights on chatting to Louisa as we're reduced to rollies I noticed a silent battle raging on in the quietness of the night.

Mother Nature doesn't know whether she should make it snow or rain this night. So outside my warm bedroom windows she is leaving both to their own devices which is amounting to some confusion between the two. It's currently raining but with snow mixed in slowly falling to the earth only to dissolve upon contact of the damp ground. A degree or two cooler and I guess we'd have our first snowfall of winter in London Town this evening. Shame the ground is already so wet that the poor old snow won't stand much of a chance to settle unless Mother Nature really decides to let loose.
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